A person interested in a property and its history might want to find an online site that has all the important information in one place. Property Scout is such a site. For a small fee, they furnish important information that people who are interested in purchasing a property might want. They also furnish property information to help insurance agents, claims adjusters, and lenders find the property information they need.

Who Benefits from This Online Property Information Source?

There are many professionals who benefit from an accurate, up-to-date database to give them needed information on the property around the U.S. It used to be a difficult, time-consuming task to check on properties people wanted to purchase, insure, or invest in. Lawyers, insurance agents, and lenders need facts for legal purposes. Property investors want their property purchase to be what they expected with no surprises popping up in the future.

Using a service online such as PropertyScout saves all these professionals and individuals time and effort while guaranteeing the information is accurate and up-to-date.

Lending professionals don’t have a lot of time to search through public records and other sources to verify information on properties they are lending money to purchase or properties being used as collateral for loans. The information they look for may not be as detailed as a complete title search. They may need the following information.

  • Making sure who the real owner of the property is.
  • Getting a computer overview image of the building or parcel.
  • Finding the year, a structure was built.
  • Finding accurate property tax amounts.
  • Confirming property acreage and included structures or lot square footage.
  • Determining the estimated value of a property in a range along with a confidence score.
  • Obtaining a report containing needed information that can be copied into a loan memo. This report is delivered as a pdf file.
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Real Estate investors, private investors, and home buyers need this same information to determine if they should go ahead with a property purchase. No one wants to find out that a recent property purchase was a bad investment with title problems or a lower value than what was paid. 

Insurance agents and disaster property claims adjusters need to verify property information given to them by owners who want to insure the property or make a claim. The insurance agent needs to verify property facts without causing the property owner delays and frustration. The information needs to be verified before a policy can be written for the proper amount.

  • Confirm that the property is owned by the person wanting the insurance policy by matching the name of the person with the name of the legal owner.
  • Details including how many people occupy the property and list it as their legal address and if it is owner occupied.
  • Mortgage information showing the balance owed on the property. Are there liens on the property?
  • Automated information on the amount needed for coverage.
  • Computer-generated satellite views of property details such as roof condition, swimming pools, and structures on the property. They also help estimate the wildfire risk and defensible space.
  • Up-to-date parcel maps showing the legal boundary lines and possible abutter problems.
  • Property information supporting owner answers to questions about property foundations, heating and cooling systems, construction type, etc.

Searching For Property Information with Your Own Public Records Search

Some people want to do their own property record searches to save money. There are several time-consuming options including going to the correct government office to search for property records in person or looking for the records online if the town or the municipality has made their property records available. Or, a person can save time and frustration and use a trustworthy third-person website such as Property Scout.

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Some steps to follow in searching for property information might include:

  • Searching the property’s tax records. Step one is finding the right office or online location. For this, you will need information such as the owner’s name, the address of the property, and the property parcel number. If you go in person, ask the staff for help to get the right property information. The county website might take some effort to find a property.
  • Find the property deed recorded in the county office where the property is located. The property owner’s name and find the correct office to search for records or check for online records. Once the deed is located, try to get a copy and study it for pertinent information such as liens, encumbrances, a notice of foreclosure, and the legal description of the property.
  • It is also possible to do most of the information searches online looking for real estate transaction records, use free websites with basic property information, and taking advantage of paid websites that charge a small fee to run property searches.

Sometimes a Property Title Search is Required

A property title search is an in-depth search of public records for the property. This search confirms who the legal owner of the property is and if there are any liens or claims against the property that could hinder the purchase. It will also uncover things like restrictive covenants, homeowner’s associations or HOA fees, and unpaid property taxes. It will uncover unpaid bills from past contractor work on the property. It is important to know what a property purchase will entail and get a clean property title with the purchase.

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Having all the important information before purchasing a property or issuing an insurance policy is very important. Busy lawyers, real estate agents, insurance agents, and lenders don’t always have the time to do these property searches on their own.

A service such as Property Scout helps them work more efficiently and do a better job for their clients. Individuals can also benefit from having professionals find the information they need and verify its correctness. Don’t take a chance on incorrect or missing information in a property purchase coming back to haunt you with unexpected debt or a title that is not really clear.

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