For those who pay attention, it can seem like there’s a major data breach making headlines every day. Unsurprisingly, the publicity surrounding data breaches has created a robust public response, and now, a large majority of internet users indicate they would stop patronizing a company if they felt their private data was in jeopardy. 

Companies working in highly regulated industries have been familiar with how difficult it is to ensure data confidentiality for decades. Now, other public-facing organizations afraid of coming under scrutiny for their data privacy and security practices are learning the same lessons. Read on to find out why implementing a cloud faxing solution should be one of them.

What is Cloud Faxing?

Cloud faxing is a method of transferring digital documents that allow companies to send, receive, and store sensitive data. The technology can be integrated into a company’s current network infrastructure and workflows. It can even be used to upgrade legacy systems that still involve the use of physical fax machines.

There are multiple ways to send and receive faxes online. People typically use:

  • Fax via email
  • Secure web portals
  • Dedicated software and apps

There are also solutions for connecting legacy fax machines to the internet so they can be used to send cloud faxes. This solution, while appropriate for many businesses, sacrifices some of the physical security measures associated with other forms of online faxing.

More Secure Than Email or Traditional Faxing

Cloud faxing is more secure than either traditional faxing or sending emails because it combines the best of both worlds. Traditional faxes are very secure while in transit because they are sent via phone lines rather than data networks, but there is always a possibility of a sensitive fax being left in the sender’s machine or getting intercepted on the recipient’s end by an unauthorized party. Cloud faxing eliminates those issues by making the entire process digital.

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Emailing is a very convenient way to convey information between two or more parties, but it’s notoriously insecure. Devices, networks, and platforms can all be compromised, data breaches aren’t uncommon even amongst the largest providers, and email servers typically store messages as plain text without encryption. While that’s fine for general use, it’s not acceptable when organizations need to transmit sensitive information.

Secure cloud faxing services are different. They focus on data confidentiality and protection. The data is protected by end-to-end encryption, two-factor authentication, and state-of-the-art secured server facilities.

Easy to Use

No system of conveying information will be secure if the people who use it don’t take adequate measures to guarantee privacy. It can be difficult to get employees on board with following new company protocols and policies if they are convoluted and unnecessarily challenging to understand. Because cloud faxing can be performed via user-friendly platforms and secured fax-to-email exchanges, there are far fewer nuances, and people have an easier time learning the ropes.

It’s Time to Make the Switch

These days, data security isn’t just an issue impacting large corporations or businesses operating in sensitive industries. It’s a problem for everyone, which is why all organizations deserve access to secure cloud faxing solutions that can be scaled up according to need. For companies that are still relying on traditional faxing, or even worse, emailing confidential information, it’s time to make the switch to a simpler, more secure solution.

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