Millennials, the population that makes up the majority of renters today, are now focused on buying homes and settling down. However, as new graduates looking for employment, Gen Z is gradually overtaking other generations as the largest group renting homes to suit their demands.

According to Daniela Rivero Bryant, a professor in real estate at the Tulane School of Architecture, “big cities still attract Gen Z renters since, concerning human diverse culture and skill, they provide two key assets: fast internet and technology-enhanced, green and sustainable infrastructure that includes energy-efficient apartments, recycling, and the use of renewable energy.” The city is a useful location to live in since it demands significant public and private investment, which is only available in big urban areas.

Today, we’re reviewing New York, a fantastic city chock-full of opportunity, excitement, and vitality. You don’t have to spend a fortune to live close to Midtown as a young millennial. Here are our top five recommendations (meanwhile take a look at this handy article about safest NYC neighborhoods):

Upper East Side

The Upper East Side (UES), which runs along the East River from 59th street to 96th street, is where fine cuisine and high-end fashion collide. Because of the wealthy families that have lived there, like the Rockefeller and Kennedy families, this area has a reputation for being affluent and has been highlighted in series like Sex in the City and Gossip Girl.

In addition, the UES is home to Museum Mile, a stretch of Fifth Avenue and Central Park that houses some of the city’s top institutions (and the world).

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Even though you will be further from Midtown’s major attractions, you can still travel there in around 20 minutes by bus or train. Compared to other neighborhoods in New York City’s downtown, this one is more residential and welcoming to families. There are lots of young families and dogs out strolling and enjoying the parks.

Particularly in the area of Central Park, the Upper East Side is relatively walkable. This is the ideal area to stay in if you want to visit several museums, shop for designer labels on Madison Avenue, and eat some mouthwatering food.

Upper West Side

The Upper West Side (UWS), which extends from West 59th Street through West 110th Street, is bounded by Central Park and the Hudson River. This is one of the greatest spots to stay in New York City as a millennial searching for a friendly area and hotel.

The American Museum of Natural History, Lincoln Center, and other iconic New York City landmarks can all be found on the Upper West Side. The San Remo and the Dakota, which face Central Park, are two of the most stunning townhouses and apartments in the UWS.

The Bronx

The Bronx should be highlighted as a whole even if it is formally one of the five boroughs and not particularly a neighborhood. This area is specifically for Gen Z’s who are baseball lovers, The Bronx, which lies north of Manhattan and separated from it by the Harlem River, is where to stay when moving to NYC.

The Bronx houses the Yankee Stadium, it has undergone substantial development in recent years and is now a popular tourist destination. Coming to see a game at home? For quick and simple access to the stadium in New York City, this is a terrific spot to stay.

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Going on a vacation with friends? Visit the Bronx Zoo to see a variety of creatures from all over the world. I highly suggest spending a day exploring the luxuriant plants and blooms at the New York Botanical Garden, although, this depends on the time of the year. It’s worthwhile to take the Metro North train right to the Garden if you’re staying somewhere else.

Those who love Italian cuisine have a lot of great options in The Bronx. Over a mile long, Arthur Avenue is like its very own Little Italy. Grab some desserts to take home, or savor a traditional red sauce dinner.

Greenpoint – Brooklyn

The East River runs along Greenpoint, the northernmost district in Brooklyn. The area used to house a sizable Polish community and borders Williamsburg. If you’ve been to New York City before, Greenpoint is the district to stay in if you want a more tranquil, residential setting, perfect for young professionals.

Greenpoint is an extremely hipster district, much like Williamsburg, with brand-new, opulent apartment complexes lining the river. There are several dining options, many of which can get busy on the weekends (reservations are recommended!), as well as amazing bars and nighttime options.

Greenpoint also has several parks where you may go for a picnic, visit the seasonal farmer’s market, or go for a run. The two parks in the center, McCarren and Msgr. McGoldrick is well-liked by the locals. As you make your way to stores and art galleries, admire the stunning architecture and traditional townhouses that border the streets.

Since only one line (the G-line) travels directly there, getting to Greenpoint via subway is more challenging than getting to other Brooklyn neighborhoods. My recommendation is to take a ferry (which costs the same as the metro) and take in the skyline views along the riverside, especially after dusk.

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Jersey City – New Jersey

Jersey City is located across the Hudson River from Lower Manhattan. A cheap place to stay in New York City is in Jersey City, which is a part of northern New Jersey. Using the Path trains or a boat, you can reach Manhattan in less than 30 minutes, but be conscious of weekend travel schedules.

For unmatched vistas of Manhattan’s west side, stroll along the riverfront trails and visit Liberty State Park. The public art program in Jersey City supports the city’s street art and murals, which are equally well-known. You can explore the street on your own for an outdoor gallery tour!

The only downsides to Jersey City are:

  • The cost of dining alternatives can vary.
  • Some regions are less secure at night.
  • The frequency of public transportation is lower on weekends.
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