There are several events in our life that one would want to celebrate with their friends and family. From birthdays to baby showers, there are several parties that people love hosting! While a four-walled party is exciting, the idea of partying in the middle of the waters sounds much more exotic and fun! More so if the destination is a beautiful island like Australia.

Boat parties have gained traction in the past few years in major Australian cities. You can make use of Boat hire in Sydney for your next party in the middle of the sea. However, these boats and cruises are also used for non-party corporate charters, public holiday charters, and water transfers! Several agencies specialise in Boat hire in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, etc.

Australia has an elaborate network when it comes to the boating industry. Every year, there is a significant number of boat arrivals and boat turnbacks. Statistics show about one million registered boats in Australia, with almost 30,000 boats getting registered every day! This means that there are over one million Aussies with a registered boat license.

Types of Boats

There are various models of boats to choose from. These are often divided using the occasion and the number of people that need to be allotted:

  • Luxury Super Yachts: These luxurious superyachts are often suggested to tourists in desirable locations around Australia, with beautiful waters and scenery. Private Charters in the Whitsundays offer a luxurious experience in the Whitsunday Islands, an area where boats can get crowded with tours. These boats are perfect if one aims for bespoke dining, sightseeing and sea safaris! There are over 20+ varieties in superyachts that differ based on their carrying capacity and cost per hour.
  • Pontoon Boats: Pontoon boats are flattish boats, unlike yachts. These boats rely on floats for buoyancy through tube-like pontoons (hence, the name). These boats offer a closer view of the lakes and allow visitors to witness white sails and Australia’s iconic harbour bridges. Five available types of Pontoon boats differ based on the length of the float, capacity and cost per hour.
  • Sailing Boats: Sailing boats are small-sized boats that are partially or entirely powered by sails. These boats are incredibly versatile and are used for sail-fishing, competitions and onboard recreation. The best part of sailing boats is customising the pace by altering the keel and sail. 50+ types of sailing boats come in colourful paint, different capacities and fancy names!
  • Catamarans: Catamarans are an Australian favourite. These are modern, geometrically stabilised boats with two hulls of equal size, unlike the regular one-hulled boat. It represents a ‘cat’ and hence, a catamaran. Catamarans have the advantage of low turbulence, making them the perfect choice for onboard sightseeing, snacking, and photoshoots. Birthdays and honeymoon trips are also hit in a catamaran due to its stability. There are over 50+ styles to choose from.
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Popular events

Boats are used for more than commercial purposes today! From parties to romantic getaways to national holidays, Aussies have shifted their celebration from the land to the sea. Here are a few popular events that call for private Boat hire in Sydney and other major Australian cities:

  • New Year’s Eve: This is a clarion call for celebration. There are specialised charters that have unique themes and activities that people can purchase tickets for. One can also hire their boats and plan out events to suit their taste.
  • Weddings: This is an upcoming favourite. There is nothing more romantic and lovable than getting married surrounded by the beautiful Australian waters. Boat hire agencies offer unique wedding plans with included decorations for all couples who wish to marry in style!
  • Australia Day: This is the day that hallmarks Australians of who they are and what they stand for. During this day, people take to yachts and boats for onboard fine dining, spectacular sightseeing and fun activities that the agencies plan in their packages!
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