Netflix is our go-to platform for all things fun. Whether you’re in the mood to binge-watch the best chick flicks the entire weekend, or want to do an early Halloween movie marathon, Netflix has the perfect picks for you to fulfill your entertainment cravings. It offers a wide entertainment catalog covering an incredible selection of the crème de la crème of movies and TV shows. But no one has the energy to go through tens of pages of every genre to pick a movie that suits the mood. It’ll take you days and that’s the kind of time that people don’t have anymore. 

This is why you’re here reading this article. You want to learn about the best movies available on Netflix and watch them before Netflix removes them for good. Well, you’re right on time! Your weekend just got better. Forget running after old-school cable TV providers to include the channels and programming you want. Instead, sign up with reliable cable TV providers in your area that offer Netflix and redefine your TV watching experience.

We won’t keep you waiting anymore. Read ahead to find out about the best movies on Netflix you must watch before they disappear off of the platform for good!

Back to the Future

You’ve probably heard about this movie at least once in your life. The ultimate and all-time-favorite classic makes for the perfect sci-fi teen and family movie. It has something for everyone! From excellent storytelling and plot direction to the stellar screenplay, Back to the future hits all the right notes. 

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Robert Zemeckis captivates the audience brilliantly with his directing and storytelling skills. The story is about a high school student, Michael J. Fox, who ends up meeting the younger version of his parents in high school when he travels back in time. His job? To make sure his parents fall in love or his existence will be wiped forever. Quite a story, right?

If you want a taste of nostalgia, add this timeless classic to your list and watch it with your friends, family, or all by yourself with a bucket of some nicely buttered popcorn! 

Enola Holmes

Any Sherlock Holmes fans here? If yes, you’re going to enjoy this encounter with his sister, Enola Holmes, who played Millie Bobby Brown. A fine young lady, empowered and inspired by her single mother’s instinct and strength, finds herself in a rut when her mother goes missing. Not long before she sets foot to find and bring her mother back home. Will she be able to decode the hints her mother left? Watch this brilliant movie to see Enola and Sherlock pair up for the case of the century! 

Shutter Island

When you hear the name Martin Scorsese, you think ‘thriller, open-ended and dramatic’. There’s no doubt about that. He finds the best cast to feature in his films, making them even more incredible! Shutter Island is no exception. With Leonardo DiCaprio as the main hero, you wouldn’t want to miss this blockbuster. He works as a U.S Marshal with his friend Mark Ruffalo to uncover the disappearance of a family. The movie is full of dips and flakes and highs and lows but that’s the essence of Martin Scorsese’s movies. 

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Casino Royale

Any James Bond fans here? You’ll be super excited to find the dashing Daniel Craig take the lead as Secret Agent James Bond. He finally lands the 00 status and is now allowed to kill anyone who stops him. And this time, it’s a shady banker in talks with the terrorists. How does he stop someone this dangerous? By playing poker of course! You’ll have to watch this exciting action thriller to know more! 

Wrapping It Up

Netflix will keep you occupied with the best of the best picks out there. But let’s be honest, who has the time to skim through tens of pages to find something decent to watch? This list narrows it down to the must-watch movies you can’t miss. Make sure you catch them on Netflix before you can’t anymore!

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