Chances are, you have heard the about NFTs, and you might even be able to name an example of one. Over the past four years, non-fungible tokens have blown up in the media due to their connection with big brands and the high price tag of certain NFTs. These blockchain-based digital assets can fetch as much as $91.8 million and are treated by many buyers as a worthy investment. Here is a short guide to NFTs to help you decide if they are a fad or if they are here to stay.

What Actually Are NFTs?

Before diving into the value of non-fungible tokens, it is important to address the question – what is NFT? Non-fungible tokens are units of data that represent both tangible and intangible items. They can be minted from a variety of real-world and virtual products like artwork, music, memes, Tweets, and GIFs. These digital assets are found on blockchains and contain unique metadata that makes them one of a kind. In turn, they cannot be traded like for like, unlike cryptocurrency.


The fundamental prerequisite of an NFT is that it is one of a kind, which makes NFTs exclusive and sought-after by buyers. NFTs offer sole ownership to buyers and provide proof of the creator and all transactions. This means there is complete transparency concerning current and past owners, and they also act as a certificate of authenticity.

What Is The Point Of An NFT?

The point of a non-fungible token comes down to the buyer and the seller. Collectors purchase NFTs due to their one-of-a-kind nature. They are seen as excellent investments and make great collectible items. Not only do collectors obtain bragging rights with original items, but they can also be confident that the item they purchase is a truly genuine product. NFTs can also be used to trade authentic virtual reality items and game items. Additionally, personal documents, such as health records and event tickets, can be minted as NFTs too. Being able to access documents digitally helps keep personal information secure. It can also help eliminate scalping too.

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How Do They Hold Value?

The current market for NFTs revolves around collectibles, such as the Bored Ape Yacht Club collection. The value of their NFT often lies in the fact that it is an original item. Collectors can track the rise and fall of their NFT with ease on a blockchain, and they can rest assured that their NFTs will not decrease in value due to physical decay. They are often bought using cryptocurrency, but they can also be bought using a credit card that has been linked with a cryptocurrency wallet.

The Future Of NFTs

Although the most popular types of NFTs are currently related to collectibles, the many other uses for NFTs give them longevity. When used in conjunction with live events, physical documentation, and online gaming, NFTs can provide unique and distinctive advantages across different types of industries.

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