Within the modern world, there are a number of reasons why people can feel overwhelmed with stress. So many of us have hectic lifestyles and routines, that it can be challenging to slow down and actually acknowledge how much we have accomplished.


Because everybody lives differently, it is difficult to tackle some root causes of stress for each individual. However, some highly effective methods that are known for relieving stress are outlined below. For more methods of managing stress and keeping a level head, visit drinkbimble.com.

Guided Meditation

Firstly, it can be easy to dismiss the suggestion of meditation at first. However, the process of taking a moment to simply exist and focus on how your mind and body are feeling can provide a significant boost. In turn, this can make certain issues and feelings of stress seem a little smaller.


If you are less familiar with meditation, you could find a guided meditation session online. Somebody can talk you through the different breathing techniques, as well as explain how you can change your mindset by adjusting your focus.


There are numerous studies to support the notion that meditation is beneficial for stress management. It is certainly worth integrating this into your weekly routine if possible. Even if it feels strange at first, meditation becomes much easier with regular practice, and it can allow you to resist feeling stressed as often.

Healthy Diet

Taking care of the mind and reducing the stress response can actually be influenced by the food you are eating. It is common to crave sugary, fatty foods when we are feeling overwhelmed and stressed. This is a way of coping for many people, but it can make the process of resisting stress a little more difficult in the long run.

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Try to avoid these kinds of snack foods that temporarily boost your mood, and ensure that you are following a healthy diet. Planning ahead is recommended for maintaining a healthy lifestyle that reduces the stressful response. Ensure that you are integrating plenty of fruits, vegetables, oily fish, and healthy sources of protein into your diet to fuel the brain and the body.

Prioritize Sleep

So many people struggle with their bedtime routine, because they do not have the time in the evening to properly wind down from the day. As a result, they end up laying in bed overthinking certain things that they are stressing about. Getting a poor night’s rest can significantly reduce your focus, and impact your resistance to stress.


Make sure you are allowing your body and mind the opportunity to heal overnight so that you feel ready for the following day. By setting a better routine surrounding sleep, you can create healthier habits in terms of sleep. This includes winding down for the night by journaling, reading a book, or taking a warm bath.


By working on your relationship with sleep, you may find that your stress response goes down over time. Because of this, it is recommended that you prioritize sleep and that you are getting enough rest.

Manage Time Online

Similarly, it is easy to stare at your screen for hours when you should be sleeping. Smartphone, laptop, computer, and tablet screens produce blue light. This is known for increasing a sense of anxiety and limiting the sleep hormone production which is responsible for making us feel drowsy.



Not only that, but scrolling through social media into the early hours of the morning can lead to a negative mindset on the whole. This is due to the constant comparison that is done online. Avoid thinking about yourself negatively by comparing yourself to others on social media.


You can manage your time online by setting limits for yourself, or by setting your phone on the other side of your bedroom at night. This can allow you to create some healthy boundaries with social media, and it encourages you to focus on yourself.

Organize Your Mind

Journaling is a great tool to manage stress. This can be helpful when you find yourself awake at night trying to process something in particular. Consider keeping a journal nearby your bed, so that you can write these thoughts down and allow your mind to rest.


Stress can be very harmful on the body. So many of us lead incredibly busy lives, that it is easy to overlook the role that stress plays. Consider challenging yourself and taking a note of the different experiences and emotions throughout a regular day.

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