In general, there are many illnesses we all endure in our lifetime. We spend a lot of time working through them with over-the-counter medications or spending a lot of time with visits to the doctors with very little desired results. We all generally have busy lives these days and just don’t have the time to be worrying about constantly getting sick; especially through the winter months. There is enough mental illness increase through those winter months so enduring that along with all the other seasonal illnesses is something we could all do without. Here are 5 things you can do for quicker healing; drink extra water, take vitamins, spend time outside, rest, and use a diffuser at night.

Drink Extra Water

Drinking plenty of water has so many benefits for our bodies in general, but is especially crucial when we are sick. Dealing with an illness is a very tedious thing to deal with, but an easy thing we can do is to stay hydrated to try to prevent illness from the beginning. Drinking water is crucial for many reasons that include: regulating body temperature, keeping organs functioning correctly, preventing infections, keeping joints lubricated, and delivering nutrients to cells. Hydration may also improve our way of life including mood, sleep quality, and cognition.  

Take Vitamins

Obviously it depends on our individual situations, but taking extra vitamins each day is a way to intake certain vitamins that we might not otherwise be getting through our food intake throughout the day. Not only do extra vitamins promote preventing or helping to heal illness, they also have many other benefits that include; boosting cardiovascular health, supporting  your immune system, promoting healthy aging, reducing anxiety and stress, keeping your bones strong, improving eyesight, and keeping your body in good working order.  

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Spend Time Outside

Getting outside, in general, is good for your health. It is especially good when sick. There are germs in the air when you have been cooped up inside with an illness. So going outside and breathing fresh air is a must. 


Plenty of rest is an absolute must with any illness. Give yourself the time that is needed to get some extra sleep at night, if not during the day if at all possible. Sleep gives your body more time to repair itself. Certain immune processes take place when you give your body time to slow down and rest. 

Use a Diffuser at Night

Adding moisture to the air at night, with the air you breathe in as you sleep is a very important part to healing quickly. Not only adding moisture to your air at night, but additionally adding essential oils to your diffuser can be a great benefit when trying to heal from any illness. 

IV Therapy

There are many things we can do at home that can be very beneficial but may not be enough in many situations. In that case, an iv therapy clinic near you can be especially beneficial. Getting an IV full of vitamin C, Zinc and hydration can put you on the fast track to flushing out any sicknesses. Your body will absorb the vitamins much more quickly than taking any oral vitamins which will help you to heal faster.

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