Most people look at cars that are broken down, ugly, or just old as being little more than useless junk. With a little effort, though, those unwanted vehicles can be turned into cash. Selling a junk car to a specialized buyer is an easy process that helps drivers clean up their driveways, yards, or garages while simultaneously putting some extra money in their pockets. Read on to find out how to get started.

Finding a Qualified Buyer

Finding a buyer for an old vehicle can be tough. Owners want to get what their cars are worth, but no one wants to waste months of their time waiting for someone to express interest in a private sale. Working with a company like All Junk Car Buys makes it easy to get a fair price for an old car that would otherwise be difficult to sell.

Other options for selling cars that don’t run include local scrap yards, private buyers, or even some dealerships. However, private buyers almost always make unreasonably low offers and often try to negotiate terms that aren’t fair to the seller, and dealerships only take trade-ins if they think they’ll be able to turn around and make money from a resale. 

Scrap yards are a good bet for vehicles that no one else wants, but drivers will have to pay to have their cars towed if they don’t run or aren’t currently registered and insured, which can substantially reduce how much money they’ll make. Companies that specialize in buying junk cars are often willing to send out tow trucks at no additional cost, offer instant cash sales, and are willing to pay what old vehicles are worth even if they don’t run or don’t have titles.

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Preparing for the Sale

Drivers who plan on trying to bring their cars to dealerships for the trade-in value or find private buyers will have to put a lot of work into cleaning up their rides. Depending on the circumstances, that might mean anything from spending an afternoon clearing everything out of the trunk to paying for either parts and repairs to get the vehicle running or having it towed to its next destination. Preparing for the sale requires gathering some paperwork, as well. 

Arranging a Tow

Unwanted vehicles that no longer run need to be towed, which is a large part of why car owners often leave them sitting for years. Hiring a tow truck can be an expensive proposition. Thankfully, buyers who specialize in buying old, broken-down, or unregistered vehicles often have their own tow trucks. Look for a junk car buyer that offers free pickups, though, because having to pay for the tow can eat into profits.

Make Some Extra Space and Some Extra Cash

Leaving old cars to age in place on lawns or driveways, or to take up space in garages, doesn’t help anyone. Junk vehicles are already eyesores that leak automotive fluids onto the ground and take up space that could be put to better use. Leaving them for even longer will only make these problems worse, whereas selling old and unwanted vehicles to junk car buyers will free up space and put some extra cash in the seller’s hands at the same time. It’s worth the small amount of work required to find and contact a qualified buyer.

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