Are you exploring the best approach to import an Mbox file to Mozilla Thunderbird, Mac and Windows? Do you want to learn how to open a Mbox file on Windows or Thunderbird? Do not worry because we will be discussing some of the easily implementable steps to import and open an Mbox file into Mozilla Thunderbird email. But before we step into it, you must know what an Mbox file is. 

What is a Mbox file?

Mbox file is one of the most widely used mail formats, when it comes to email applications. Several email clients using the Windows OS or the Mac OS use Mbox files to save data in various forms. For example, Opera Mail saves its data in the MBS file format and MBX files instead stores this data on Eudora Mail. The Mbox files and its variants MBS and MBS file format help users to store data in its various forms.

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What is an Mbox file extension?

The Mbox file extension, unlike the .AAE files, was developed for email mailbox files and are used to store, manage and organize messages sent and received over the email. Electronic messages are stored and combined in a file format as plain text. Mbox represents encoded information that is to be stored in a computer file. Moreover, the Mbox file extension also displays how bits are employed for digital storage. 

For example, special file formats used for special data types like PNG, which stores the bitmapped images using data compression algorithms, can be reconstructed through a Mbox file extension by copying the compressed data from the original data. Other similar formats include compressions called LOSSY, which eliminates unnecessary information called bits, therefore, decreasing the size of the file. 

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Now that you know enough about the Mbox file extension, let’s move to the other part of the discussion, how to open a Mbox file on Windows, Mac and Thunderbird. 

How to open a Mbox file on Windows?

Mbox file extension becomes the topmost priority of users when concerned with data integrity. Since these files are being moved away from where they are created, in a different email client profile, wrongful importing can cause data loss and corruption. Therefore, users need to find the right ways to open Mbox files on windows. The following steps make it easy to open an Mbox file on Windows. 

  1. Download the Mbox software
  2.  Install and open the Mbox software
  3. Choose Email Client and then click on Next 
  4.  Select Add Files to add one file and then click on Add Folder 
  5. Once done, click on Finish
  6. After scanning of the selected files, preview the email content 
  7.  Just click on any individual item and preview it
  8. In case you want to save the mail list in the HTML format, select the E icon next to the Folder List. Then choose the destination folder and click on OK. 
  9. View the HTML file with all the details on the Mbox email. 

How to open a Mbox file on Thunderbird

Mozilla Thunderbird is a desktop-based multi-platform email application, similar to the likes of MS Outlook. Using Thunderbird, you can configure multiple email accounts, manage your emails easily along with calendars, contacts and tasks. Using the Mbox file, you can store its mailbox data into it. As this is the most widely used email format by clients, therefore, you need to import an Mbox file in Thunderbird. 

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There are several users who want to learn how to open a Mbox file on Windows or Thunderbird. It is a common file type used by a number of email clients to store email and messages in a Mbox file format. Therefore, a user who needs to open Mbox file into Thunderbird email client can follow these steps:

  1. Download the free, open-source program, Mozilla Thunderbird
  2. Open it once it is installed, launch it.
  3.  Open the software and then right click on Tools menu
  4. Now click on the Adds-on and then select Get Add-Ons.
  5. Now search for the option ImportExportTools Thunderbird add-on and install it. 
  6. Within this Thunderbird add-on, navigate the local folders tab and click on the Tools menu.
  7. Once you find the file, select it. 
  8. Finally, after importing the file, you will now find the folders and emails in your Thunderbird folder. 

How to open a Mbox file on Mac

Now that you know how to open a Mbox file on Windows and Thunderbird, let’s explore how to open the file on Mac. 

  1. To open the Mbox file into the Mail folder of your Mac, you need to choose the Import Mailboxes option. 
  2. You will see a popup to check the Files in Mbox format checkbox and then click on Continue.
  3. From the dialog box that appears, search for the file you’re looking for. 
  4. Now, go back to the email application, select any mailbox from the many folders and mailboxes available. 
  5. Once you’re done with it, click on Import and choose from the available collection of Mbox files. With these steps, you can easily open the Mbox file on Mac. 
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Emails are highly significant forms of communication, which is why you must regularly back them to prevent you from recovering critical data. However, not knowing the correct procedure, they fail to upload the Mbox file and instead lead to data loss or leak. 

However, you can use the above mentioned steps to import, open, and open the Mbox files on Windows, Mozilla Thunderbird and Mac or convert them into specific formats. These steps are compatible with the OS you use, Thunderbird, Mac or Windows. Make sure to include the right steps otherwise chances of file corruption will also bubble up. 

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