The term Metaverse itself was coined by American science fiction writer Neil Stevenson in his novel Avalanche, which was published in 1992. The Metaverse is a virtual world in which avatars of real people live. He describes these worlds as three-dimensional virtual spaces with the possibility of the presence of a large number of people in them at the same time.

After this term was created, real attempts began to create such spaces. For example, in 2003, the multiplayer world of Second Life appeared, and in 2009, bitcoin and the VR industry. In 2015, the Decentraland platform was launched, which became the prototype of the Metaverse today.

The Metaverse is the visual side of Web3 social spaces. In turn, Web3 or Web3.0 is the next step in the development of the existing Internet. This transition is characterized by a shift in focus to decentralization, from a flat format to a volumetric one (in many ways, this is the metaverse), as well as the presence of blockchain and cryptoeconomics. Today, making money in the metaverse seems unrealistic to some – if you want to make money quickly, try betting on

Despite the fact that the metaverse is at the initial stage of development, this industry already has significant amounts of funds in circulation among users and investors. For example, a piece of digital land in TCG World was recently sold for $5 million, and the total amount of sales of virtual land in Metaverse in 2022 is already $1.808 billion.

NFT And Blockchain

In the processes within the metaverse, such terms as NFT and blockchain constantly appear, so you need to figure out what they are for.

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NFT is a token that turns digital objects (images, video and audio tracks, 3D models) into unique, verifiable assets that can be traded on the blockchain, and kept in personal wallets.

Blockchain is a digital ledger of transactions. It is maintained by a network of computers in such a way that it is difficult to hack or change it. Technology offers a secure way to interact with each other directly and transparently.

What is The Metaverse For?

At the moment, metaverse platforms are just beginning to grow and develop, so they scare those who are not very versed in this area with their unknown.

The Metaverse is designed to make possible the fusion of physical and digital for most of the well-known sectors of everyday and professional life. Thanks to the Metaverse, a number of accessible tools for collaboration, entertainment, communication, creativity, education, income, and investment are emerging.

Not so long ago, the well-known marketing research agency Wunderman Thompson conducted a study based on the level of user awareness of the metaverse. According to the data received, only 15% of respondents know what it is and can correctly convey this information to others.

A Guide To Dive Into The Metaverse

In order to understand this area, you need to take a few simple steps:

  1. First, you need to get a crypto wallet (for example, Metamask, which can be found in the extensions section of the Chrome browser). 
  2. Next, you need to install Metamask, come up with a password, and remember a unique SEED phrase, after which you need to go to the platform website and register.
  3. If you only have access to a smartphone, then you can download the Roblox, RecRoom, or Spatial platform application. If you have VR glasses on hand, you can start exploring the virtual world with the popular VR-Chat application. All you need to do is download it from the app store.
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What Industries Can Develop In The Metaverse?

Today, mainly investors, creators, and brands come to the metaverse sphere. Brands develop in two directions – a one-time presence (for the sake of a newsbreak) and a strategic one (a game for a long time). Brands are more actively entering Roblox, Decentraland, Sandbox, and Spatial. They make product presentations, and hold conferences and festivals in VR Chat, Altspace, and Engage.

For most companies, such events are one-time promotions, but there are those who consider their presence in Metaverse as an investment. In this case, digital land, as a rule, is not rented but bought. Walking through Decentraland, you can find digital copies of flagship stores like Samsung, visit showrooms with digital clothing, and even order pizza from Dominos.

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