One of the most thrilling steps in a business is when you first launch your brand new app. Exciting, right? Whether the app is featuring mobile slot games, lifestyle tips, or just tracking your daily nutrition, some businesses could face the problem of not having enough users. Soon, the excitement dies down and you’re rummaging for ways to get more people to download your app. Eventually, it all comes down to one thing: promotion. There’s no way someone is going to magically find your app—you have to put it out there. And if you’re looking for ideas for getting more app users, these promotion techniques have proven to be effective. 

1. Prioritize App Store Optimization

Commonly referred to as ASO, App Store Optimization is essentially what makes it easy for users to search, click, and download your app from the App Store. ASO is centered on optimizing keywords and conversion rates. The top three criteria that determine an app’s rank in search results are the number of downloads, rates and reviews, and comments left on the app. 

There are a few ways to optimize your app on the store. First, your title has to be unique, creative, and simple. Second, your app description should be interesting, engaging, and keyword-focused. Third, the icon of your app plays a huge role in attracting users. A bold and branded icon can bring in much-desired attention to your app. And finally, choose the right category for your app. 

2. Use Your Website to Promote The App

Do you have a business website? You’re in luck—you can use your platform to spread the word about your app and get more downloads. The best way to go about this is by developing a separate page for your app and a non-obtrusive banner in the bottom or sidebar that links to it. 

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Your main purpose is to direct the consumer to the App Store; therefore, don’t make the app page too long or difficult to read—keep it concise and to the point. Remember to provide a download link on your mobile website; the visitors are your target audience.

3. Take Advantage of Your Social Media Presence

We’re going to go right ahead and say it—most people will use social media more often than they drink water per day. That’s how influential it has become. Deciding on which platform to promote your app highly depends on who your target audience is. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more platforms cater to a diverse set of users that use those platforms for a variety of purposes.

Let’s say you’re targeting boomers. You’ll find most of them browsing on Facebook. Hoping to get millennials to use your app? Instagram is your new best friend. Thinking Gen Z will want your product more? Hop on over to TikTok. Despite the fact that each social media platform has a different audience and a different purpose, your goal remains the same—go viral, get more followers, and make your app the hottest trend. 

4. Don’t Underestimate the Power of Email Marketing

If you already have a base of followers and subscribers, it becomes a lot easier to promote your app and acquire more users. One such way of doing this is by developing an email marketing strategy. Email marketing has the ability to persuade your subscribers to download your app. They already keep up with your news and follow the latest developments—they trust what you have to offer them. 

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It’s easy to appeal to people who are already interested in your business. With the help of email marketing, you can push a new product to existing users. If this is your first app and you don’t yet have a subscriber base, it’s best to start by creating a buzz on social media. As soon as you’ve done that, you can start collecting emails and using email marketing to keep consumers engaged.

5. Have a PR Strategy in Mind

Another way to get everyone raving about your app is by literally making news. Opt for media coverage to acquire app users by reaching out to individuals or businesses and requesting that they post about your app. This isn’t a difficult task at all. Simply send an email to the editor and explain why your app is beneficial to their readers and why the both of you have common interests. 

Like social media, consider which media your target audience usually reads and choose one based on the response. From online magazines to specialized content platforms, you’ll find media that resonates with your app’s goal.

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