GATE! A direction towards an inspiring and successful career.

No wonder, the exam has the ability to open so many doors of opportunities. It is indeed one of the most popular examinations in the nation because it provides numerous benefits and opportunities to the user to grow their career in an amazing way.

The majority of candidates are aiming to crack the GATE exam because they know that the GATE will not only amplify their career growth but also make their career promising.  Do you want to shake hands with this promising career opportunity? Well, if you are thinking of integrating GATE into your career, then you need to explore the GATE syllabus first. 

A syllabus is a crucial component that conveys information about a particular academic course and defines expectations and accountabilities. It is typically an outline of the curriculum that plays an important role in a candidate’s life. 

Likewise, the GATE Syllabus is important as it allows the candidates to acquire knowledge about subjects and sub-topics covered for the GATE exams. 

Why It is Important to Learn about the GATE Syllabus?

When it comes to any competitive examination, there are several components that a candidate needs to explore. And, syllabus is one of those components that can make your GATE journey smooth and worthwhile.  

The GATE cutoff helps in determining whether a candidate gets admission to postgraduate programs or not. The overall score will decide the future of their upcoming career. 

Along with the post-graduation facility, the GATE examination is also providing a golden opportunity to work with the PSU sectors. All you need to do is meet the cutoff requirement of the specific PSU sector and you can enjoy the job over there. But have you ever thought about how you could get these perks? Well, the answer lies in the syllabus.

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Learning the syllabus will help you understand every topic very well mannered and it will help the candidates to design their study plan accordingly to ace the exams. 

Let Discuss the GATE Disciplines or Subjects 

There are 29 disciplines or Subjects under the GATE Exam. A candidate has the full liberty to choose any of the below-given list of disciplines. 

GATE Subjects:
1. GATE Syllabus For Aerospace Engineering (AE)
2. GATE Syllabus For Agricultural Engineering (AG) 
3. GATE Syllabus For Architecture and Planning (AR)
4. GATE Syllabus For Biotechnology (BT)
5. GATE Syllabus For Civil Engineering (CE)
6. GATE Syllabus For Chemical Engineering (CH)
7. GATE Syllabus For Computer Science Engineering (CSE)
8. GATE Syllabus For Chemistry (CY)
9.  GATE Syllabus For Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE)
10. GATE Syllabus For Electrical Engineering (EE)
11. GATE Syllabus For Ecology and Evolution (EY)
12. GATE Syllabus For Geology and Geophysics (GG)
13. GATE Syllabus For Instrumentation Engineering (IN)
14. GATE Syllabus For Mathematics (MA)
15. GATE Syllabus For Mechanical Engineering (ME)
16. GATE Syllabus For Mining Engineering (MN)
17. GATE Syllabus For Metallurgical Engineering (MT)
18. GATE Syllabus For Petroleum Engineering (PE)
19. GATE Syllabus For Physics (PH)
20. GATE Syllabus For Production and Industrial Engineering (PI)
21. GATE Syllabus For Textile Engineering and Fibre Science (TF)
22. GATE Syllabus For Statistics (ST)
23. GATE Syllabus For Bio Medical Engineering (BM)
24.  GATE Syllabus For Engineering Sciences(XE) 
25. GATE Syllabus For Life Sciences 
26.  Humanities and Social Sciences 
27.  Environmental Science and Engineering 
28.  Geomatics Engineering
29. Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering 

So, these are the popular disciplines linked with the GATE examination and you can choose any one or two subjects depending on your desire and niche. Remember this is a crucial step and one needs to be very careful while selecting the discipline and exploring the syllabus. 

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Once you finalised the basic rules to crack the GATE exam, and understand the syllabus, then you can easily reach your goal i.e. GATE Qualified.

All the very best GATE Aspirants!

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