Want to host a birthday party for your kid? But don’t know where to start from? It’s a birthday party for THE KIDS! Your party should have everything that a kid loves. We all know what kids love, right? Games are the only things that make them happy and keep them occupied forever. Deciding on the games to play at a birthday party is the real task because a cake and a few balloons don’t take a cut.

Throwing a kid’s party is a big deal today. And if you think such an extravaganza would take a toll on your bank, we’ve got it all covered for you. At Kids World Family Fun Centre we offer you fun-filled and budget-friendly packages for your kid’s birthday. For a more memorable experience, they provide you with flexible venues ensuring a fun and secure activities.

A birthday party is a great way to celebrate your child and their milestones. Every parent wants to show their child that he is loved and wants to give them the best birthday party ever. You make them feel special by celebrating the birthday of their dreams, which allows them to play games with their friends. Games tend to bind the kids together in a birthday party. They excite them and if you’re still looking for Birthday party games for kids, here are a few entertaining options that your kid will surely enjoy.

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Card games have always been encouraged to play among kids. Parents often feel these games get children along, help them communicate, and even learn new words. There are numerous options available under the Arcade card games category. These cards are very attractive and curated for both girls and boys.

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Ranging from the classic Freecell  solitaire to One Piece cards, Fairy cards to Pokémon Cards, and from Uno to Monopoly; there is something in store for everyone. All you have to do is choose your game, set the table, shuffle the cards, and Voila your game starts! They come in all shapes, sizes, and variants. It is the easiest game with no trouble but a good time for all the kids. So, shoot your luck, laugh, and have a marvellous time.


Donkey Kong, Pac-Man, Mario, Centipede, and Street Fighter- we’ve all heard and even played these games. This trend which exploded in the ’70s is still loved by the kids! Birthday parties cannot be fully enjoyed without video games. It maintains a healthy competition between the kids.

The animation and graphics of the game make it more appealing. Even the popular cartoons are made into video games which benefits them in multiple ways. Kids worship their games and there is nothing they’ll love more than playing video games with their friends. The thrill and excitement are incomparable.

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This is an arcade-style next-generation game, with the finest interactive experience as compared to any other Birthday party game for kids. It is made with the latest LED technology which guarantees you to have a blast while you take on the atomic rush’s challenges. The vibrant colours and exciting sounds add more to the adventure. This game is a complete evolution of the arcade games as it offers more interactive gameplay and is a new line of attraction for the kids.

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With a mode for one to four players, the players have to tap on their assigned color panels to win points. The quicker you tap the more points you win. The game has various difficulty levels. Touching the rainbow panel fetches you extra points. It keeps you rooted till the very end. The kids relish their time while playing the game and it even provides good physical exercise. The bonus is not just the happiness of winning but a prize to the winning team! This game also teaches the kids about time management.


This is one of the most exciting and fun games. Laser tag was simple so we added stimulated game missions to make it more enjoyable. We have special groups for anyone aging 6 years and above, where the safety and briefing about the game are all taken care of. It aids them in completing their targets with a focused mind. You get to choose your missions in the package which could be King of the hill, Heist, Defend, Capture the flag, search and destroy and so much more.

The laser tag arena is lit with UV lights and it is dark inside so you need good vision. Gaming equipment is lightweight for kids. It might go on for 25 minutes, an hour, or even more than that depending upon your missions and promising a lifetime of memories. This game is made for everyone, no matter how small or large the group. Even the adults are welcome to play along with their kids and cherish the moments!

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A birthday party goes on for hours; you need to find ways to keep the kids engaged and ecstatic. It has to be more than just icing and sprinkles on the cake. Clowns, Magicians, Disney Princesses, DJs, Face Painting and so many more alternates are good options to entertain the kids. To avoid all the hassle of decorating, organizing, and catering choose a package of your choice and be ready to enjoy the party! `

Have a private event with as many as 700 guests and relax while everything goes smoothly at your kid’s birthday party. Even the games to play at a birthday party are looked after with all precautions and no boundary to joy. Get a dedicated party specialist to plan every detail of the party, a stock of birthday supplies including all plates, glasses, napkins, and utensils for everyone, Healthy food items and organic juice box per child, and goodies for your child. Visit Kids Word LA Family Fun Center for a stress-free and great experience for yourself and a miraculous birthday party for your child.

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