Management is an important skill in our personal as well as professional lives. Management is an effective tool that helps us to achieve our goals.

When we manage our daily activities, it clarifies the actions we need to take in the future.

In the academic period, professors or teachers assign the management essays to the student from time to time. They do so to check the students’ management skills and enhance their interest in the management subject.

Some students complete their essay without facing any difficulties; meanwhile, some fail to write it effectively. There are various reasons behind their failure: lack of knowledge of the subject, lack of concentration power, time shortage, etc.

In any type of essay, examples play a crucial role and are important to strengthen your point of view. Some students don’t know where they need to consider the examples. In this blog, we will share some tips on how and where to include management essay help & its example.

Tips To write a management essay and management essay examples-

A management essay is slightly different from the other academic essays. In a management essay teachers or professors test the practical skills regarding management in their daily life. The demand for critical thinking in this essay makes it slightly different from the other essays. Below are some tips for structuring your essay.


An outline is vital to structure your essay. This is your first and foremost task before writing a management essay. You need to decide which information you will include in your essay and in which sections. Your essay mainly has three sections: Introduction, Main Body, Conclusion. 

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You need to examine where you need to put the main argument, examples, evidence, thesis, supportive arguments, etc.

 When you have some examples, how you will consider the management essay examples. All the answers to the above questions we will find with the help of an outline. The structure of a management essay should cover-


  • Introduce your topic and tell the reader the importance of your topic.
  • Discuss the features of the topic.
  • Make an effective thesis statement.

Main Body

The main body of the essay include 3 or 4 paragraphs where you have to include-

First Paragraph- This is your first argument or point of view which you need to start with a-

  • Topic Sentence
  • Main argument
  • Supportive argument
  • Elaboration of supportive argument
  • Write management essay examples( Here you will include the examples related to your topic) to strengthen your idea.
  • Sum up- Wrap up the information of the first paragraph in one or two lines.

The same procedure you have to apply on the rest of 2 or 3 body paragraphs with second and third arguments. The main body is the main content of your essay that includes the whole information of your paper.


Here you need to restate the thesis statement, main points of the body paragraphs. It is the last and shortest part of your essay that represents your opinion in a few sentences. The conclusion should be clear to avoid any confusion in the reader’s mind.

Never include any new ideas in your conclusion part. Remember you should have a central idea of the essay to involve in the conclusion part.

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What sources to choose for a management essay examples

You need to use various sources for the quality content and information for your essay. Choose credible and reliable sources and start to follow them. You can find out various examples from these sources to write in your essay so that readers can trust you.

You can use offline and online sources such as books, newspapers, and magazines as offline sources, websites, blogs, tutorials as online sources. But do not use Wikipedia for your academic essay because any person can edit the content of Wikipedia, so it is not a reliable source.

You can find out these online and offline sources from your school and college library. In addition, you can consult with your teacher regarding the sources.

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Never Forget to Proofread Your work

Proofreading is very crucial to polish your essay and to make it look good. Read your essay 2 to 3 times and check the structure or format of your essay. Apart from this, check your mistakes such as spelling, grammar, word choice, and punctuation errors.

 If you have made any mistakes edit them immediately and make your essay flawless. You also need to ensure the formatting guidelines and format your text according to the guidelines. Check if you have given the relevant examples or not. When you submit an error-free management essay, you will definitely get good grades.

Final Words

In this blog we have discussed the writing tips of how to write management essay examples. A student should include authentic or practical examples in his or her management essay because you need to reflect your practical knowledge in the management essay.

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Collect the examples from the various sources and include them in your paper. We also told you the importance of proofreading in the above paragraph. I hope this blog is beneficial for you to find out the importance of the examples and where to put them.

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