If you are thinking about starting your own business, it can be overwhelming. There are many components that you have to think about and get sorted out before you can truly start the business. For many, the dream is one day to own a business and be your own boss. Being your own boss comes with some perks that are not likely while being employed by someone else. If you make the leap to start your own business, it is always recommended to hire these Pocatello accountants to do your bookkeeping and payroll. Outsourcing those items will give you more time and energy to put into your business. 


One of the biggest perks of owning a business is that you create your own schedule. You do not have to report to anyone else besides yourself. You may start work early some days and late on other days. This also gives you the freedom to go to different activities regardless of when they are. Such as when you have young children, it allows you to go to their school activities, sports, or other activities that may be during normal business hours. This gives you the freedom to choose how you spend your time. 

Vacation Time

To go along with creating your own schedule day to day, you are able to take a vacation as you please. You will not have to ask anyone for permission to go on a trip. While working for another employer, you likely have to ask for days far in advance and may get denied because another employee is already taking that time. Or it is a busy time of the year and needs all hands on deck. When you are self-employed, you can take time whenever you want. You just have to ensure that the operations of your business will be covered by your employees while you are gone. 

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Corporation Politics

When you are your own boss, you get to choose who you work with as you are the one who hires them. When working for another employer, you do not get much say in who you are going to be working with. Sometimes you get stuck with a person that you don’t get along with, this can make work miserable. You also will not have to join the competition for promotions or races against your coworkers. Being able to choose who you will be working with and not having to compete for your success can make your job much more enjoyable. This also gives you the power to create a culture in your business that is a safe space for your employees. Make your business different from others so your employees want to stay and enjoy working for you. 

Find Out for Yourself

There are so many benefits to being self-employed. You get to create your own schedule, take time whenever is needed without asking for permission, and you get to escape the corporate culture. You are able to create your own experience in your business and you have the power to make it a great place for you and your employees. 

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