It is a fact that schools and transportation go hand in hand. Every school or college requires their students to get to school on time and ready to study at the start of the day. Whilst 54% of parents tend to drive their children to school each weekday morning, walking to school for children who live nearby is a less popular option due to perceived fears over safety by a lot of parents. Another vital means of transportation is the school bus. Nearly all schools will operate a bus service that provides transport for the children in the catchment areas. This article aims to explain some of the other key reasons why schools need a dedicated transport service of their own in 2022. 

For tours and school trips

Any high performing educational establishment will offer its students occasional school trips and tours. These can range from visits to local museums to educate children on historical or scientific topics that tie into the curriculum to international travel for older pupils that allow them to get a taste of other cultures and languages. Many schools have their own school minibuses that are either bought outright, leased or hired from a third-party dealer. Having this dedicated and in-house form of transportation ensures that the group of pupils can travel safely to their destination as one unit. This makes keeping an eye on pupils easier to do for the teaching staff who will ensure that all pupils are present on the one vehicle before embarking and returning from the trip. Today it is recognized that having a range school trips and tours is an important part of any child’s ongoing education as it can provide real world examples of learning rather than simply theory and textbooks. 

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To be more environmentally aware

In 2022 many schools are embracing environmental concepts such as reducing waste and minimizing their carbon footprint. The drive to be more eco friendly is highly important in the education sector as it demonstrates to pupils that action needs to be taken to reduce the dangers posed by global warming and climate change. Many schools seek to set up their own recycling schemes and look to minimize the use of non-recyclable products in their day-to-day activities. In addition, many schools are recognizing the value of having their own mass transport solutions such as minibuses and coaches. By offering pupils transport to school during term time the school is effectively reducing the carbon footprint of the parents and pupils. Put simply, a large number of students travelling in one bus journey produces far less CO2 than multiple journeys in cars with two or more occupants. 

To demonstrate the importance of timeliness

School bus schedules tend to be exceptionally punctual. Most parents will know that it is rare for their children’s school bus to arrive more than a few minutes late each school day and as a rule these services are extremely reliable. This very act demonstrates to pupils the importance of being on time to school which is a key trait that they will need to adopt when entering a career and the world of work. In short, the school bus trip in the morning is one that solidifies the importance of timeliness in the modern world and helps to prepare children for adult life. 

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