In a few years, India will become the global leader in the market of supplying generic medicines across the world. Popular brands are too expensive. To make the use of generic medicine with ease instead of an expensive brand, generic medicines help to bring down the medical cost.

The use of Generic medicine can benefit a large section of the Indian population. Thus, the use of Generic medicine can save billions of dollars each year. Usually, it contains the same composite as branded medicine such as the same dosage, use of medicine, side effects, strength. But they have different packaging, design, color, shape, taste, and price.

Many people are concerned about generic medicine and why generic medicine is cheaper than popular branded medicine. Sometimes they wonder about the rank and result after using the medicine. Actually, generic medicine does not need to do deep research, marketing, or promotion of the drug that’s why the cost of generic medicine is cheaper than branded medicine.

According to the world bank, most of the Indian population’s income is lower and belongs to the below poverty line. This is one of the best reasons why the Indian government is supporting the generic drug because most people cannot afford the branded medicine and bill payments of private hospitals. So poor people can afford the generic drug and save their money.

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What Is  Generic Medicine?

A generic medicine is a copy mixture of the original brand with the same ingredient. The price of the drug is always less than the branded version. After the patent expires of branded medicine then generic medicine can be made and available in the market. Generic medicine also qualifies the FDA approval process.

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Is Generic Medicine Genuine?

Generic drugs are available only when they attain all the FDA standards. FDA ensures that all the generic medicines approved by them are exact matches to the branded medicine. Here are some points that facilitate you to believe in the use of generic medicine.

  • Active ingredient and composites use
  • Genuine inactive ingredient use
  • Meet the same standard of quality and proper storage container
  • Qualify testing standards
  • Hygiene packing of tablets
  • Complete absorption of the tablet
  • Indications for use

Generic Medicine Example

Generic medicine      Branded medicine
Metformin Drugs
Metoprolol    Lopressor
Crocin   Paracetamol

Reasons- Why Doctors Not Prescribed Generic Medicine?

  • In India, branded names are more popular than generic ones. Most drug pharmaceutical companies promote their brands via TV ads, social media that have a big impact on consumers’ minds.
  • Generally, problems with the generic drug are a lack of awareness of generic medicine. Due to the cheap price, it seems inferior quality. Thus, most doctors avoid prescribing generic medicine.
  • One of the other important reasons is the lack of interest of patients in generic medicine due to which they request doctors to prescribe only branded medicines.
  • Some generic medicines are always in regular supplies like Anacin, Paracetamol, etc. The major drawback is pharma companies that do not regulate the supply properly.
  • Normally, Doctors state that Generic medicines most of the time are out of stock. On the other hand, the drug inspector claims that doctors give lame excuses that they don’t want to lose their commission from pharmaceutical companies.
  • The government also sometimes fails in the management of generic medicine supply. Many times Generic medicines are available but not functioning properly due to a lack of awareness about the stock.
  • Drug controllers impeach that some doctors in private hospitals show their interest through prescribing the branded medicine rather than generic medicine. Nowadays most doctors promote branded medicine.
  • Telemedicine is one of the best platforms to help the patient via the internet. In the present Covid 19 pandemic situation, the engagement of telemedicine rises suddenly; it supports long-distance health clinics and prescribes medicine. Now it’s easy to promote branded medicine by some doctors via telemedicine.
  • The Department of Pharmaceutical comes under the central government and has failed in promoting generic medicine.  They blame the lack of awareness that patients have hesitation to use generic medicine.
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Which One Is Better Generic Medicine Vs Brand Medicine?

If your family doctor prescribes you to buy generic medicine, should you buy generic medicine? The answer is quite simple “yes” you should buy generic medicines.

Branded medicine is not always good for your health.  First, the price of these drugs is expensive. As a result, most of the patients skip the branded doses and they are going with generic medicine. In the many states of India pharma companies are required to supply a generic version of the branded medications. In-depth research proves that the performance of the generic version saves your money, and also provides you with the best medications.

Is The Indian Government Encouraging The Use Of Generic Medicine?

Yes, the Indian government launched the Pradhan Mantri Jan Aushadhi scheme. This scheme will benefit both patients and manufacturers. The drug  would be prescribed in this scheme is a generic drug that would be offered at less price than to branded drug

This scheme was launched in October 2015. The Department of Pharmaceutical has established a special bureau of Pharma Public sector undertaking of Indian central government, which would help run the entire Jan Aushadhi Scheme.

Government officials said that they are actively considering a plan to make some generic medicines that are a difference between vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Generic medicine is gaining popularity now, thus creating confusion that-  how to find a difference between generic and branded drugs? To solve this issue the government makes color codes and symbols on medicine packs. The Pradhan Mantri Jan Aushadhi scheme’s target is to provide a maximum percent discount on the market price. The Drug Controller General of India also advises all the state private chemist retailers to maintain shelves for generic medicine.

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As discussed above, you have all the details regarding why you should buy generic medicines and why our doctors do not prescribe generic medicine. Our Government is trying to solve this situation via making strict laws. So next time when you will buy medicines, keep the points in mind. 

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