Have you already experienced some time riding a motorcycle or looking to buy online bikes to witness exciting riding pleasure ahead? For both conditions, it is relevant to know your motorcycle’s functioning a little bit. And need to take care of it to ensure a smooth riding experience ahead.

No need to worry, you do not have to be a hardcore mechanical engineer or an automotive expert to maintain your motorcycle for long. You just have to follow a few motorcycle maintenance tips that we will mention here. It’s all in general yet important to take the best care of your two-wheeler and ensure a hassle-free riding experience.

Of course, you can completely rely on authorized motorcycle workshops and service centers to regularly service the bike. Not only this, you have the flexibility to buy bike spare parts online along with the required accessories. But all such things are possible once you become aware of the following few motorcycle maintenance tips.

Eight most useful two-wheeler maintenance tips to follow

1. Take care of tires

How many of you have this habit of checking the air pressure inside the tires before starting the ride? Of course, only a few riders follow this necessary practice and others do not remember at all. For those who do not do the same might face unexpected flat tires or tire bursts in the middle of the road. To avoid such a circumstance, it is important to regularly check the air pressure inside tires without fail.

Just do it daily before your start riding and fill the air pressure bi-weekly inside the tire. Also, remember the fact that under-inflated tires of your motorcycle have a high chance of flat tire situation, degrading the mileage capacity, and putting a heavy load on the engine. Especially, when you have a pillion at the back of the side and the under-inflated tires fail to make the motorcycle perform to the required level.

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Therefore, it is important on your part to check the air pressure with the pressure gauge and fill up the required air in the tires. Doing this will help you experience smooth riding conditions with no hassle at all.

2. Check the battery

As you already know, the battery is an important component of the motorcycle that provides the required charge to the mechanical functionalities. After some time, the battery might lose its power making it difficult to blow up the horn, self-start the bike, or even switch on lights.

However, many riders do not pay much heed to the underpowered battery and continue riding the motorcycle for a long. In such a scenario, the electrical functionality of your bike is at stake and might break the same. To avoid such expensive conditions, you must regularly check the battery power at the service station, clean up the rust on terminals, and further check the acid inside. Also, in case of any discrepancy, simply change the battery with a new one.

3. Change oil & filter

Changing the engine oil and air filter of your motorcycle is no such big deal for you. Both the products are available at a nominal price that you can easily buy of genuine quality. Simply check your motorcycle’s manual to know the time limit for changing the engine oil along with the necessary filters. Doing this will you an idea of replacement and buy the required products well on time.

Check your motorcycle at the service station and let the expert take out the engine oil. If the color of the oil is deep black and partially drained, then it’s time to change the oil with no further delay. The same goes for replacing the air filter that could be fully clogged up with dust, dirt, and greasy substance inside.

4. Replace the spark plug

Although small in nature, one of the important mechanical parts of your motorcycle is the spark plug. This small electrical component is responsible for providing electric current to your motorcycle. Specifically, at the time of starting the bike, the spark plug plays a crucial role in passing the required current.

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After riding your motorcycle for a few months, the spark plug of your motorcycle captures a greasy substance that makes it difficult to start the ride. Either you can clean the plug with the help of a professional and replace it with a new one and that too without spending much.

5. Grease up the motorcycle

Having well-greased motorcycle parts are responsible for ensuring seamless performance ahead. It is important to fully grease the footrest, chain, brake levers, stand hinges and other parts of your motorcycle. Doing this will help you ensure the smooth working condition of parts that automatically helps in a seamless riding experience ahead.

In case, you travel too much on a single day on your motorcycle, then it is required to make your motorcycle well-lubricated. To do the same, you must check your bike at the hands of an automotive expert to add grease to the required areas.

6. Change the brake pads

Nothing can beat the relevance of changing your brake pads every month, if your ride the bike for a daily commutation purpose, or even for a long ride. The brake pads after extensive usage might lose their capacity to apply the brakes well on time. They require quick replacement with genuine parts that you can easily buy online without going anywhere else.

Replacing the brake pads of your motorcycle is not a difficult job. It’s a pretty straightforward task to take out old brake pads from your wheels and change them with a new one. You just need to lay your hands on branded brake pads and change them with the assistance of a professional mechanical partner.

7. Regular cleaning is a must

How often do you wash your motorcycle? If you only rely on a service expert cleaning process,

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then you are not taking care of your motorcycle. Regular traveling within or outside the city limits led to the accumulation of dirt, dust, and greasy substance on your bike. If not cleaned on time, it can directly affect the engine capacity which leads to the failure of mechanical and technical parts.

To avoid the same, you must take up the things in your hand and start cleaning the bike regularly without fail. All you need is water, soap, a sponge, and a bucket. You can gently start cleaning the bike and wash it properly to get rid of any marks or dents, if possible. It might sound cumbersome at times, but it will help you maintain the shine and attractive physical appearance of your motorcycle in a hassle-free manner.

8. Adjust the brake & gear cables

Another important maintenance tip that you must follow is adjusting all the wires, specifically the brake and gear wires. These two wires have the main functionality and usage in your motorcycle to run smoothly across surroundings. In case, you are a daily commuter, then it is imperative on your part to change the wires monthly and maintain the bike’s condition to an optimum level.

Concluding Thoughts

Maintaining your commuter, sports, or even off-road motorcycle is no longer a hassle now. With the help of easy maintenance tips and tricks, ideally, take care of your two-wheeler in a hassle-free manner. In case, you have a Hero motorcycle to take care of, then invest in Hero genuine parts online at the eShop Hero Motocorp platform. And buy high-quality products cost-effectively and efficiently

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