A child therapist is a therapist who specializes in working with children. Child therapy can be necessary for children of all ages, and the majority of therapists are qualified to work with children. But how do you find a good one? This blog post lists some tips for finding the right child therapist in Singapore.

Find out about the therapist’s qualifications.

Make sure that the therapist has held a Child Psychologist’s Certificate from the Singapore Council for Psychologists, and has achieved at least a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology. Other qualifications may include membership of professional organizations such as the International Society for the Study of Behavioral Development, or going through child therapy workshops.


Ask about the therapist’s experience, and in particular his/her experience working with children or families of the same culture as yours. When you contact a psychologist, he/she should be able to tell you about their experience working with children from different backgrounds, such as from Asian or Western families. Most people will only have had experience working with children of their own ethnic background and culture.

Look into their therapeutic approach.

As with all therapists, child therapists use different therapeutic approaches in their practice. Look into the therapeutic approach that your potential therapist plans to use, and decide if it’s a good fit for you. If possible, ask for examples of how he or she has used that particular approach in the past.

Using a therapeutic approach that does not feel right will only make therapy less successful, so it’s important that you like and respect the therapist’s approach.

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Look into the therapist’s personality.

In addition to their therapeutic approach, child therapists should be good people with a warm and caring personality. They should be able to work with you, but also recognize that your child is an individual, not just a case number. They should have an interest in working with children and a wish to help them grow and thrive.

Have an open conversation about your child’s problems.

Before selecting a therapist, it is important to have an open conversation about your child’s problems using simple language and without any judgment.

Availability and affordability.

A good therapist should be able to meet your child within a day’s notice. If you can’t find a therapist who meets the above criteria, unfortunately it may be difficult for you to find a good therapist in Singapore. Given the high demand of child therapists in Singapore, therapists in Singapore are busy and so finding one is not always easy.

Before making your final decision, visit a few of the therapists that are a possible fit for you. Set up appointments to meet the potential therapists in person, so you can see how they work with children. Ask your initial therapist to recommend another child therapist in Singapore if he or she feels that it’s appropriate.


If you are looking for a child therapist in Singapore, setting up an appointment with all possible candidates is the best way of finding a good therapist. It’s helpful to have another parent who has used the same child therapist in Singapore, so you can share about your experience afterwards. In general, therapists who work with children need to be warm and caring people with a love for children and psychology.

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