Computers are everywhere. They have become so normal as a part of everyday life that we often ignore their presence in our lives: laptops sit unnoticed on the countertop, desktops settle quietly into corners of the office, smartphones and tablets slide seamlessly into our pockets and bags. We hardly register them, whereas only a few decades ago, it would’ve been unthinkable to carry so much computing power around with you. 

That said, if you take a moment to think about the power of these little pieces of technology that we are all so prone to ignoring, you’ll be taken aback when you remember just how incredible computers are at what they do. Rather than let your eyes glide unthinkingly over your various devices, why not check out these fun tips for making the best of your computer?

Using All That Storage

Many of us take for granted that our data and information will now flow seamlessly into ‘The Cloud.’ However, this internet-based storage space with a meteorological name is not solely the uncomplicated good it purports to be. Because cloud storage is privately owned Internet server space, the data stored within it is subject to the whims of the company that controls it. This means that your computer data – pictures, documents, videos, etc. – could ultimately be sold to the highest bidder.

Fortunately, these days, most personal computers come with a huge amount of storage. Take advantage of it by storing what you care about on the safety of your own hard drive rather than putting it up into the cloud.

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Adapt for Your Needs

Although computers were once sold as large fixed boxes with a single set of instructions and in intractable design, that time is long gone. These days, should you so desire, you can custom choose each part of your computer to suit your needs. That means adapting bits and pieces of the hardware to the uses you intended for your device!

Gamers, for example, can take advantage of such wonders as a 24 inch gaming monitor and standing gaming desk in order to enhance their experience. These massive monitors can be purchased as a part of an entire desktop or laptop computer or as a customizable part designed to add to an existing computing system. Either way, taking full advantage of the computer’s screen will allow you to be fully immersed in the games you love.

Check Out Diverse Software

What makes a computer amazing isn’t simply the technology that sits within it, but the software that runs through it! In the age of apps, it’s easy to spend a half-hour browsing which software might make your life better and quickly adding it to your computer. Downloading an app or installing a piece of software doesn’t take much time, and you can always delete the apps you don’t use!

Exploring how your computer can work in ways you never expected it to by trying out software for design, organization, planning, gaming, entertainment, and, of course, communication is a great way to take advantage of all of your devices!

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