There are two kinds of people who wouldn’t mind being cooped up in a room – people who identify as social recluses and those who are aspiring interior designers. And if you have a soft spot for aesthetically-pleasing spaces and could spend hours on-end beautifying a space, there’s a good chance you fall into the interior design aspirant category. 

Maybe you’ve even looked up an interior design course in Mumbai, only to shut the tab thinking of how you would make it work. But worry not! Interior design isn’t as challenging as it may seem. 

Here’s everything you need to know for kickstarting a career in interior design. 

Train Your Eye

Design, as a field, is visual in nature. So, it only makes sense that you begin by training your eyes for it. And no, we aren’t referring to eye exercises but visual ones like recognizing characteristics and colors and learning how they work together.

Once you get a grip over the basics, you can learn to recognize trends and styles in interior designing and what kinds of emotions spaces evoke. Over time and practice, you will develop a taste for aesthetics- graphics, textures, and landscapes, making it much easier to create your own style.

Take a Course

Yes, interior design is all about the practice but if you want to learn the basics of the field, nothing beats a structured interior design course. 

A highly experienced interior designer will take you under the wing and teach you basic industry terms and design concepts. They will also help you understand timeless principles like ergonomics, human needs, behavior, and psychology, among a lot of other things.

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More importantly, taking a course in a design institute gives you access to a pool of creatives to collaborate with them and learn over projects. This helps you get an insider’s perspective of the field while you are still studying and opens the door to various opportunities – right from references for internships to straight-up employment offers. Now that’s a student heaven, right there!

Build a Portfolio

Your portfolio serves as a collection of your best work. So, you must make sure it counts and reflects your understanding of the current field without compromising on your direction.

The most effective way to build a portfolio is to work on projects (who knew?). And joining a design studio as an intern or apprentice can help you do just that. It will give you a sense of how interior designers function in the real world and equip you with the necessary hard and soft skills needed to survive in the industry. 

Besides, building out your portfolio will force you to experiment and help you create a style that is unabashedly yours.

Apply for Jobs

If you didn’t know already, you don’t need a license to work as an interior designer in the country. You can get a job at any design studio straight out of college. But do consider the design specialty of the firm, so you’ll grow in the niche you desire. 

However, the grind will only begin from there. It will take years of practice, projects, and dedication to forge a rewarding career in interior design. 

Over to You

See? Making a career in interior design is fairly easy if you have the right formal training and dedication to keep improving the craft. The latter is all up to you, but for the former you can join a professional interior design course in Mumbai at institutes like Pearl Academy. 

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