Lando Neal is a young and talented Family Member who has captured the hearts of many with his charming personality and adorable smile. At just seven years old, he has already made a name for himself in the entertainment industry. Born on February 23, 2010, in the United States, Lando is the son of the famous YouTuber Link.

He has appeared in some of his father’s videos, gaining even more popularity and love from his fans. With his father’s successful career and growing fame, it’s no surprise that Lando has also amassed a considerable net worth at such a young age. Despite his young age, Lando has already made a mark in the industry, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for this rising star.

Who is Lando Neal?

Lando Neal is a young boy with a big smile and an even bigger heart. He was born on a chilly winter day in February 2010, which means he’s still a kid, just like you! Lando’s dad, Link, makes all sorts of cool videos on YouTube. Sometimes, Lando gets to be in those videos too! Imagine playing and having fun while the whole world watches. That’s Lando’s life! He’s not just known because his dad is famous.

Lando himself is unique because of his bright ideas and the fun he brings into every room he enters. Whether drawing, reading, or making his little movies, Lando is always up to something exciting. People enjoy watching him because he shows that being yourself is the best way to be. He might be young, but Lando Neal is making a big splash in the big world of YouTube, and he’s just getting started.


Full NameLando Neal
Date of BirthFebruary 23, 2010
Age14 Years old as of 2024
BirthplaceUnited States
CountryUnited States

The Early Life of Lando Neal

Lando Neal started his journey on a cold day in February 2010. He was born into a family filled with love and creativity. From a young age, Lando showed his bright personality and passion for fun. Growing up, he enjoyed being around his family and found joy in simple things like playing with toys and exploring outside.

Lando’s dad, Link, shared videos on YouTube, and soon, Lando became part of these adventures; his early years were full of laughter, learning, and lots of play, setting the stage for the fun-loving kid he is today.

Parents and Siblings

Lando Neal has a dad named Link, who makes cool videos on YouTube. Lando sometimes appears in these videos, too! He has a lot of fun and learns new things with his dad. Lando also has siblings, which means he’s not the only kid in his family.

They have fun playing and creating together, as Lando does in the videos. Having siblings means there’s always someone to share adventures with, both in real life and on YouTube.

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Favourite Foods

Lando Neal loves eating foods that are tasty and fun to eat! He enjoys snacks like pizza, with its gooey cheese and crispy crust, making it a perfect treat for movie nights. Pancakes topped with lots of syrup and fresh berries are his go-to choice, adding a sweet start to his day.

Lando also likes to munch on crunchy carrots and apples as snacks. They’re not only yummy but healthy too! Imagine having a picnic with all these delicious foods, just like Lando might do on a sunny day. Eating good food makes every adventure better!

Lando Neal Favourite Games

Lando loves games where he can be a hero or build amazing things. His eyes light up when he plays video games, diving into worlds where he can go on grand adventures or construct tall buildings and cool spaceships from his imagination.

These games are not just fun; they help Lando think creatively and solve puzzles. Whether playing alone or with friends, he’s always ready for a new challenge, exploring new lands, or developing inventive solutions to tricky problems. Every game is an adventure waiting to happen for Lando!

Lando Neal Friends

Lando has many friends, both in his videos and at play. They share laughs, play games, and have the best times together. Imagine having friends who love doing the same fun stuff as you, like building forts or exploring new games.

Lando and his buddies are always ready for a new adventure, whether in a video or playing outside. Having friends means Lando is never bored because they develop fantastic ideas. They show us how awesome it is to share and play together, making everyday fun!

Lando Neal Age, Height, Weight, and Physical Appearance

Lando Neal is a young boy, full of energy and smiles. You were born in 2010; At this time his age is 14 years old as of 2024. As for 4 feet  9 inches tall and weighs is 45kg, that changes as he grows, just like it does for you and your friends. What’s essential is that Lando is healthy and happy. His eyes have a bright sparkle that shows when he’s having fun or thinking of something naughty.

His hair is usually neat, but sometimes it gets a bit tousled, especially after playing. In his dad’s videos, Lando’s appearance often shows him wearing colorful shirts that match his vibrant personality. He’s a typical kid who is not too different from you or your friends and is always ready to explore and learn new things.

Lando Neal Rise to Fame Through YouTube Appearances

Lando became a little star when he showed up in videos with his dad, Link, on YouTube. People worldwide watched these videos and saw how fun and cute Lando is. He would sometimes do funny things or just be himself, which made many people smile.

With each video, more and more people got to know him. They loved seeing Lando’s adventures and how he interacted with his family. It wasn’t long before Lando became a favorite on YouTube, and his appearances made him famous. He’s not just Link’s son; he’s Lando, the YouTube star!

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Estimating Lando Neal’s Net Worth

Talking about how much money Lando Neal might have is tricky because he’s still a young kid. When you save up your allowance for something special, Lando might have some savings from being in videos. His parents net worth is estimated to $5million.

His dad, Link, does well on YouTube, and sometimes, when Lando is in those videos, he might get a little bit for his piggy bank, too. It’s hard to say an exact number, but Lando is doing okay for a kid his age. Remember, what’s most important is that he’s having fun and learning along the way.

Lando Neal Legacy and Impact

Lando Neal might be young, but he’s already showing the world how fun and creative kids can be. He inspires others by just being himself in videos and enjoying what he loves. His joy in playing games, drawing, and exploring outdoors teaches us it’s fantastic to share our hobbies and passions.

Through his appearances with his dad on YouTube, Lando encourages kids everywhere to be curious, imaginative, and kind. He proves that even if you’re small, you can significantly and positively impact people around you by spreading happiness and creativity.

What the Future Holds for Lando Neal

Thinking about what comes next for Lando Neal is like imagining a big, exciting adventure waiting to happen. With his love for making videos and drawing, Lando could become even more creative as he grows. He may create his own YouTube channel or become an artist!

Lando enjoys learning new things and playing games, so he might explore new hobbies or even invent a game. The possibilities are endless, and like in a video game, each level he reaches will bring new adventures. What’s sure is that Lando’s future is bright and full of fun.


Lando Neal loves doing fun activities just like any other kid. Here’s what he enjoys the most:

  • Drawing: Lando Neal loves to create pictures of his favorite animals and superheroes. He uses bright colors and has a big imagination!
  • Playing outside: Whether playing tag with friends or riding a bike, Lando loves being outdoors and exploring.
  • Video games: He enjoys playing video games, especially ones where he can go on adventures or build things. 
  • Reading: Lando Neal likes to read books, especially stories about dragons and knights. He finds these tales exciting and magical.
  • Collecting: He has a small collection of interesting rocks and shells. Every time he goes to the beach or a park, he looks for new ones to add.
  • Making videos: Lando enjoys making his little videos inspired by his dad. Sometimes, he pretends to be a superhero, saving the day!
  • Lando’s hobbies show he’s a creative, active, and curious boy who loves to explore the world around him and use his imagination.
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Interesting Facts About Lando Neal 

  • Young Star: Lando is famous because his dad shares fun videos on YouTube. Lando sometimes joins in these videos, too!
  • Birthday Buddy: Lando was born on February 23, making his star sign Pisces. You might share this star sign with him if you’re born in late February or March.
  • Animal Lover: Lando shows how much he loves animals in some videos. He thinks they are relaxed and fun to learn about.
  • Creative Kid: Lando likes to draw and make his videos. He uses his imagination to create exciting stories and adventures.
  • Explorer: Whether finding new rocks and shells or playing outside, Lando loves discovering new things about the world.
  • Bookworm: He enjoys reading books about dragons and knights, diving into magical and adventurous stories.
  • Game Fan: One of Lando’s favorite hobbies is video games. He likes games where he can go on adventures or build amazing things.


Do you have some questions about Lando Neal? Here are some fun answers! 1

How old is Lando?

Lando Neal was born on February 23, 2010. You can count how old he is from that date!

Does Lando have any pets?

We haven’t talked about pets, but Lando loves animals. Maybe he has some furry friends!

What’s Lando’s favorite color?

We haven’t mentioned his favorite color, but Lando likes using bright colors when drawing. Maybe one of those is his favorite!

Can Lando pull?

Yes! Lando Neal loves to draw. He uses his imagination to create pictures of animals and superheroes.

Is Lando good at video games?

Lando Neal  enjoys playing video games, especially about adventures or building things. It sounds like he has a lot of fun!

Does Lando go to school?

Most kids Lando’s age go to school. It’s a place where they learn new things and play with friends. Remember, it’s always great to ask if you’re curious about something. You might find something cool!


In this blog, we’ve learned much about Lando Neal, a cool kid who loves to draw, play, and go on adventures in books and video games. He’s famous because of the fun videos he makes with his dad. Remember, Lando’s just like any other kid who enjoys being creative and spending time outside. It’s neat to see someone so young do so many fun things and share his joy with the world through YouTube.

If you’re curious like Lando, keep exploring, playing, and asking questions. You might find yourself on an adventure or making a new friend. Always keep your imagination running wild, just like Lando does!


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