Bunny Madison is a famous model, actress, and star who has captured the hearts of many with her stunning looks and impressive talent. Born on January 1, 1994, in Saint Paul, Minnesota, Bunny is 29 years old, and her zodiac sign is Capricorn. Standing at a height of 5 feet 5 inches and weighing around 57 kg, she is the perfect example of beauty with brains. Bunny’s family has always supported her career, and she has achieved great success in her field.

Who is Bunny Madison?

Bunny Madison is a very talented lady. She is a model, which means she gets to dress up in fancy clothes and pose for photos. People like to take her pictures because she is lovely. Bunny is also an actress. That means she pretends to be different people in movies and TV shows. Isn’t that cool? Bunny was born on the first day of the year, January 1, just like a New Year’s baby!

She’s from a place called Saint Paul in Minnesota. Bunny is very tall and pretty. She is 29 years old but started modeling when she was only 16. Bunny loves to dance, cook, and read books, too. She also has a fun hobby of collecting hats! Bunny has a big, loving family who are very proud of her. Even though she’s a star, she loves spending time with them. Bunny also loves animals and has two dogs and a cat. She is a very busy lady, but she always has a smile on her face.


NameBunny Madison
Born (Date of Birth)January 1, 1994
Age (as 2024)33 Years Old
BirthplaceSaint Paul, Minnesota, United States
Zodiac SignCapricorn

Early Life and Education

Bunny Madison was once a little girl just like you! She was born in a city called Saint Paul, Minnesota. Bunny has always been a curious kid, full of energy and smiles. She loved attending school, learning new things, and playing with friends. Just like how you have favorite subjects in school, Bunny loved art and drama classes. She was good at painting and acting.

Even as a little girl, Bunny knew she wanted to be a star one day. Her parents and teachers were very proud of her. When Bunny got older, she also started taking dance classes. She was only seven years old then! But Bunny loved it. She liked to spin, jump, and make beautiful poses. These experiences helped Bunny grow and become the talented model and actress she is today. She believes that learning is a lovely adventure. Like Bunny, you, too, can dream big and work hard to make those dreams come true.

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Parents and Siblings

Bunny Madison was born into a lovely family. Her mom and dad always supported her dreams. They knew she was special and could do great things. Bunny also has siblings who are her best friends. Growing up, they played together and helped each other. Like all brothers and sisters, they sometimes fought and shared many happy times.

They celebrated birthdays, had fun in the park, and even made a secret clubhouse in their backyard. Now, Bunny’s family is very proud of her. They love watching her on TV and in movies. Even though Bunny is a star, she still visits her family. They laugh, talk, and enjoy meals together. Family is essential to Bunny, and she loves them very much.

Bunny Madison Husband and Boyfriend

As of now, Bunny Madison hasn’t shared details about her love life. She prefers to keep things about her boyfriend or husband private. Like a secret treasure box, she keeps her love life away from the public eye. Bunny believes that some things should remain personal, and love is one of them.

While she’s a shining star in the public eye, she enjoys having some things to herself. When the right time comes, she might share more about this part of her life. But for now, Bunny is focusing on her career and personal growth. Let’s respect her choice and cheer for her continued success.

Bunny Madison Children

Bunny Madison is a busy lady with modeling, acting, and dancing. Right now, she doesn’t have any children. She’s focusing on her career and personal growth. As she works hard at her job, Bunny believes being a parent is also a big responsibility. She wants to make sure she has enough time and love to give to her future children. 

She enjoys spending time with her nieces, nephews, and friends’ children. Bunny is fun and kind and loves to play games and tell stories. She would make a great mom someday. But for now, she’s enjoying her life as it is. Bunny believes everything happens at the right time. Let’s respect her choices and wish her all the best for her future.

Bunny Madison Age, Height, Weight, and Physical Appearance

Bunny Madison is a pretty young lady who turned 29 this year. She was born under the Capricorn star, which people say makes her ambitious, disciplined, and patient. Bunny is not very tall, but she has a perfect height for a model. She stands 5 feet 5 inches tall, about the same height as your average American woman. She weighs around 125 pounds, which is healthy for her height.

Bunny has a beautiful smile that lights up any room she enters. She has lovely brown hair and bright, shining eyes. She loves fashion and is always dressed in stylish and trendy outfits. Bunny is also known for her fit and athletic body. She likes to exercise regularly to stay fit and healthy. Bunny is a natural beauty, and she shines wherever she goes.

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Bunny Madison Before Fame

Before Bunny Madison became a big star, she was a regular girl growing up in Saint Paul, Minnesota. She loved to play dress-up and put on little shows for her family. Bunny was always full of energy and loved to dance.

She was only seven years old when she started taking dance classes. Bunny also liked school. She was a good student who always did her homework. She was also good at making friends and well-liked by her teachers and classmates. Little did she know, these early experiences prepared her for her future success in the entertainment industry. From an early age, Bunny showed the world her sparkle.

The Rise of Bunny Madison Career

Bunny Madison’s journey to stardom began when she was just a teenager. At only 29 years old, she started modeling. People quickly noticed her beauty and talent. She would pose for photos and walk down runways. She looked like a princess in the beautiful clothes she wore. After modeling, Bunny decided to try acting. She loved pretending to be different characters.

Soon, she started getting roles in TV shows and movies. People enjoyed watching her act. She made them laugh, cry, and feel lots of emotions. Bunny worked hard and never gave up. That’s how she became a famous model and actress. Even today, Bunny is always looking for new challenges. She wants to keep growing and learning. That’s what makes Bunny Madison so unique.

Bunny Madison Net Worth

Bunny Madison has done well in her career, and because of that, she’s made a lot of money. This is what we call her net worth. It’s like saving money in a piggy bank, but for grown-ups. While her net worth is estimated to $4million. But we know that she has earned a lot from her jobs as a model and actress.

This allows her to live comfortably and care for her family, pets, and herself. For example, when you do chores for your allowance, Bunny gets paid for her hard work in acting and modeling. Remember, even though Bunny has a lot of money, what makes her truly rich is her talent, hard work, and the love she gives to others.


  • Bunny Madison has many hobbies that she loves. Here are some of her favorites:
  • Painting: Bunny is an artist who loves painting in her free time. Her paintings are often colorful and vibrant, reflecting her personality. 
  • Cooking: Bunny enjoys cooking delicious meals. She always tries new recipes and loves making food for her friends and family.
  • Reading: Bunny loves books! She believes reading is a great way to relax and learn new things.
  • Dancing: Bunny is not just an actress and model but also a talented dancer. She can perform dance forms like ballet, hip-hop, and jazz.
  • Traveling: Bunny has traveled to over 20 countries for modeling shoots. She loves exploring new places and cultures. 
  • Hat Collection: Bunny has a vast collection of hats. She thinks they’re stylish and fun to wear.
  • Spending time with pets: Bunny loves animals and has two dogs and a cat at home. Playing with them is one of her favorite pastimes.
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Interesting Facts About Bunny Madison 

  •  Bunny Madison loves animals! She has two dogs and a cat at home.
  • She started modeling when she was only 16 years old.
  • Besides acting and modeling, Bunny is a skilled dancer.
  • She can perform various dance forms, including ballet, hip-hop, and jazz. 
  • Her favorite color is pink, and she loves to wear pink dresses. 
  • Bunny is a big fan of ice cream, especially chocolate and vanilla flavors. 
  • She has a special knack for painting and often creates beautiful artworks during her free time.
  • Even though she’s a star, Bunny still likes simple things. She enjoys picnics in the park and watching the sunset. 
  • Bunny has traveled to more than 20 countries for her modeling shoots. 
  • She has an extensive collection of hats. She says that she loves hats because they make her feel stylish. 
  • Bunny is also an excellent cook. She loves to make delicious meals for her friends and family. 
  • Despite her busy schedule, Bunny always finds time to read books.
  • She believes that reading helps her relax and learn new things.


Let’s answer some questions about Bunny Madison!

How old is Bunny Madison?

She was born on January 1, 1994, which makes her 29 years old in 2024.

Where is Bunny from?

She grew up in Saint Paul, Minnesota. You might also ask,

What does Bunny Madison do?

She’s a famous model and actress.

How tall is Bunny?

She stands 5 feet 5 inches tall.

What is Bunny’s zodiac sign?

Her birthday is in January, so her star sign is Capricorn.

These are just a few fun facts about Bunny Madison.


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