2022 has seen a shaky start, primarily due to the pandemic, which has led to economic instability and global turmoil. But, travelling continues to be one of the people’s hobbies globally.

For a travel enthusiast, a travel credit card continues to be a valuable asset for reducing expenses and maximising the travel experiences. This article considers a few of the top benefits of owning a travel credit card in 2022.

  • Category bonuses

Global supply chain shortage and inflation are two of the top factors that cause things to become more expensive by the day. Nearly everything is more expensive, be it apparel or fuel. Price rise is beyond one’s control. But, you can always maximise the returns you get in these spending categories.

By using the right sort of a credit card, you can get the desired rewards in spending categories such as gas, dining and groceries. So, you should try and go for a credit card that offers a flat, high return on all spending. Owning a travel credit card could be the best way to go about it.

  • Insurance

You may consider that the world is no longer as predictable as it used to be, and buying travel insurance has become more significant than it ever was earlier. You need to keep an eye on the coverage limits,  but several travel credit cards are now made available, which will save the hassle and funds in odd situations.

  • Coverage for primary rental

When travelling, especially abroad, primary rental coverage will come in to be handy. If you brush your rental car against a billboard, the car rental company could send over a hefty bill. It hence becomes a good option to go for a travel credit card that offers services such as rental collision coverage. This way, bills for eventualities such as road accidents reduce, and you may not have to involve your insurance company. Your travel credit card company may charge you some amount for offering coverage, but their coverage makes this minor expense worth it. You don’t have to pay the rising insurance premium by yourself.

  • Trip interruption

When you buy trip interruption insurance, it renders peace of mind. This especially becomes the case when going on expensive trips. A range of credit cards and travel credit cards make trip interruption coverage available. This reimburses the cardholder if there are any unused portions in the journey. For instance, you choose to go on a cruise to the Andamans. If you fall sick and cannot board the cruise, then the trip interruption insurance will cover the flight ticket back home; and the cost of the cruise.

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So, trip interruption insurance helps you save a reasonable amount of money in case of an emergency.

  • Insurance for delayed or lost baggage

Each year, thousands of bags are mishandled or lost. Typically, the odds of misplacing your luggage are remarkably low. However, if it does happen, it takes the joy away from your trip. So, it is always a good idea to go for a travel credit card that offers you lost luggage or baggage delay insurance. You can charge your flight to the credit card if your luggage has been delayed or lost. Similarly, you can also file a claim for reimbursement.

  • Recurring benefits

You should take stock of your travel credit card to ensure that it does a fine job. For your travel credit card, you pay an annual fee. So, it is likely to serve you well if you go for a travel credit card that offers recurring benefits. Your annual fees might be offset altogether, and the travel could become more pleasant.

  • Lounge access

Lounge access is another top facility made available by travel credit cards. Since airports are busy, the food items being sold there also become more expensive by the day. Travel credit cards that make facilities for lounge access available help keep these costs low. This works particularly well for travellers who use these benefits frequently.


Using a travel credit card works well for one in several ways, particularly if you are a frequent traveller. Travel credit cards offer a range of premium features, including trip interruption insurance, rental collision coverage, lost baggage coverage, recurring points, and free nights.

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