The world is nearly digitalized, and with the developing nations, our Health system also tries to advance its specializations in the digital world. Telemedicine is a unique innovation by the health sector, which concept was first started when telecommunication technology was introduced. Telemedicine is not a recent innovation; about 50 years ago, some hospitals began experiments with the telemedicine concept.

Recently, telemedicine brings an excellent response to the patients; as a result, this service is trending in the health sector. The digital revolution continuously converts medical records, hospital billing records, patient history, financial data into electronic. Digital networks help access all information quickly; Now, we are leaving the convention of hard copies that records officially. 

Originally, the Health sector develops this technology to reach patients staying in a rural area, far from their health care services. The aim of telemedicine, in the rural emergency population, can take benefit. Initially, it was created to treat patients who were away from a local health care facility in shortages of medical professionals. Now telemedicine is used today to address these problems. Here we are going to clarify all your doubts about telemedicine.

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What Is Telemedicine?

Modern technology allows you to consult about your health through video conference and audio; this is telemedicine. It really helps when peoples who are not in contact with the health care system or live in distant places where people can’t reach the hospitals. Telemedicine serves people at home and saves your time in the waiting room at the doctor’s clinic.

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Future Of Telemedicine In India

At present, in the covid-19 pandemic, people are unable to avail healthcare benefits and facing a lot of barriers such as canceling their appointments. Telemedicine in India is rapidly increasing, and the advancement of the healthcare sector into digital is being challenged for India. Due to a lack of knowledge, most telemedicine brands face problems in ensuring patients’ satisfaction.

Recent research shows extensive growth in the country’s telemedicine (e-consults, e-pharmacy) sector between now and 2025 – at a 31 percent compound annual growth rate, securing up to $5.5 billion. The statement, however, is not limited to making doctor consultations easy and digitizing patients’ health records. Now is the time to be intelligent and future-ready.

However, with the introduction of the Ayushman Bharat Scheme, the most remarkable health financing scheme, the Indian government has come up with ICT (Information and Communication Technology)focusing on developing the health sector in the country. This scheme includes Telehealth development ideology for long-distance medical care to make a safe, effective, efficient, patient-centered, and timely health management environment.

In addition, the Indian Government (Indian Spac Research Organization) has deployed a SATCOM telemedicine network across the country. Various government and agencies such as the Department of it and the ministry of health and family welfare, and technical institutions have taken effective initiatives to provide the best healthcare facilities to the rural parts of the country via telemedicine. The Indian government also planned the way how to extend the engagement of telemedicine at the national level.

 Best Telemedicine Companies In India

  1. Doc online- online consultation telemedicine service
  2. Analog Eclipse- Provide complete medical service via telemedicine
  3. Arka Technologies- Expert doctors integration and support
  4. Concecare- Enable e-consultation
  5. Express clinic- Home visit, sample collections
  6. Apollo telehealth – consultation by expert physicians
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Pros And Cons Of Telemedicine

Telemedicine changes the complete model of healthcare delivery. But there are several downsides also.

 Advantages Of Telemedicine

  • Telemedicine removes all the barriers to access hospital services, consultation in the case of emergency also makes it convenient to avail all medical advice digitally.
  • Telemedicine decrease the healthcare cost, consume less time than to contact physically, and there is no need to take leave from the office, 
  • In the case of an emergency, you can access physician consultation immediately, good communication engagement, and deliver the best quality. 
  • Telemedicine also improves your immunity; it decreases the chance of catching infection and virals in the atmosphere of hospitals.
  • Through it, the government can collect the review of generic medicine from the patients.

Disadvantages Of Telemedicine

  • Telemedicine is not fit for all patients. There are so many drawbacks also.
  • Need good infrastructure for implementing telemedicine services. In India, most of the population leaving the rural area where they lack basic infrastructure. 
  • People can face communication barriers via a weak internet connection, language issues.
  • Hackers and some criminals may access your medical data when you use the public network.
  • Sometimes telemedicine care delays when the patient needs treatment, it cannot provide laboratory tests digitally, doctors can’t examine the patient physically. Sometimes it discourages generic medicine.
  • Providers must rely on patient reports provide by themselves. If the patient leaves out significant symptoms, then it brings more complexity to the patient health.

Quick Summary

This is a convenient option for those who cannot go to the hospitals and prefer to stay home. The patient should provide all medical history and show the doctors and rashes, injuries, or other visible symptoms.

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Due to the Pandemic of covid 19, it intense the need for alternative platforms of healthcare services for non-chronic and less severe medical help. In a developing country like India, this integrated telemedicine platform will have a mixed approach in the coming year; however telemedicine sector is bound to develop.

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