YouTube is the largest media-sharing platform today. Its large library of content and uncomplicated user interface attracts people, even the non-tech savvy. YouTube has 2 billion monthly active users. Perhaps the best part about YouTube is that anyone with video content can upload and have access to these active users.

Many content creators have been monetizing their YouTube videos and generating significant revenue. Some top creators earn millions of dollars every year! This encourages people to opt for the YouTube creator career choice.

However, people tend to have an inaccurate assumption of the job description. Being a successful YouTuber entails much more than uploading video content. We will share a list of steps you can take to build your YouTube dreams.

Step 1: Strategize

Firstly, to start the video content creating career, one must decide the type of videos to curate. It is suggested to tap into the niche. Exploring a particular niche is highly beneficial for beginners. This is because your competitors will significantly cut down, and you can learn to navigate through YouTube expertly.

Next, determine the audience you will have the best access to. Often, the most accessible audience is not necessarily the viewers a creator wants. In this case, if a creator is confident about achieving success with a particular audience, they must devise a strategy that will attract the viewers.

Step 2: Make Yourself Discoverable

Similar to blogs, videos are also ranked by search engine optimization (SEO). This means one should curate these videos tailored to rank higher in SEO. You must try to rank, or else your content will be lost in the large library of videos, preventing you from fully accessing your target audience. Many content creators are usually confused by the concept of SEO. To simplify it for you, there are two things to keep in mind when creating videos:

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Your videos must entertain your viewers. One of the main parameters SEO measures is the duration spent on the video. The more people spend time watching your video, the more inclined SEO will be to rank your content higher.

Your videos must be fabricated, keeping SEO keywords in your video. Search engines scan content seeking specific keywords. If they detect particular keywords in your video, they are more likely to push your video to the top. One can enter keywords in the description box to boost the video rank as well!

Maintaining the two is extremely crucial. If your videos manage to meet both these conditions, your video will surely rank, making it easier for people to come across your content.

Step 3: Frequently Searched Videos

With a career heavily based on viewer feedback, one must ensure to meet their demands. However, for this, one should know how to investigate their audience’s wishes.

Thanks to automated search suggestions, any user can easily access the type of videos the mass typically looks for. Soon after detecting a general keyword, the YouTube search bar instantly displays several frequently searched subjects leading with the keyword.

The comment section is a gold mine for user feedback. Here, your viewers will express their thoughts and suggestions. Following video requests in the comments will further work in your favour. This is because it showcases your dedication to delivering and interacting with your fan base.

Joining communities and public groups of your niche expands your interaction access. These groups are an opportunity for people to post their thoughts and wishes freely. This enables you to attract users who are yet to come across your videos.

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Step 4: Tools and Equipment

Creating videos would require one to record or create video footage. To produce high-quality raw video material, it is imperative to have the right and best equipment. One should research tools such as cameras, microphones, animation software, YouTube video editor, and lighting. Whichever of these applications must be used of the best quality available. These combined will allow you to generate clear and easy-going content.

Step 5: Your First Video

Your first YouTube video will perhaps be your most memorable video. It is of utmost importance to create something both you and the audience will love. Product review videos are currently the most-watched videos, followed by How-to and vlogs. However, these videos will not necessarily work for you. Depending on your niche, one should curate videos on the most popular topics.

Step 6: Write a Script

Scripts are extremely useful as they boost your confidence. These documents help you ensure you have mentioned each point. Due to the absence of any script, many creators forget to talk about important aspects of the subject, which would have contributed to the overall quality. This knocks their video down and generates poorer audience feedback.

Step 7: Hit Record

Now comes the most obvious part of being a YouTube content creator. But there is a catch. One cannot simply press the record button and start filming. If filming in a particular area, it is vital to clean up or decorate the background to look more attractive. One should refrain from standing in front of a window as it will darken you out. We advise you to take a trial shot to ensure all relevant props are visible and in the frame before recording to avoid waste of time and effort.

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Step 8: Edit The Video

The final and paramount step – video editing. This is the real magic behind the show. One can easily edit out mistakes, or unnecessary footage, cutting down on video duration. You can add voice-overs using text to speech online software  and other images to enhance the viewer experience. Adding extra special effects can have varying results depending upon your audience. It is advised to understand your target viewers better before experimenting.


Ta-da! Following each of the steps listed out above, you have created your very first YouTube video. Now, all one needs to begin their YouTube creator career officially is to hit the upload button. Depending on the size of your video, it may take some time. The mistake most aspiring YouTubers make is to join the field without any prior knowledge. While facing challenges, head-on can compensate as a good learning experience. Being prepared allows you to overcome the initial obstacles and face newer challenges. Remember to encourage your viewers to like, comment, and subscribe to grow your channel long-term!

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