When designing an office space, whether you’re redesigning, adding new pieces, or starting from a blank canvas, usually a lot of thought goes into choosing the right office furniture. You will probably think about the different components that go into choosing office furniture such as employee comfortability, functionality, practicality, aesthetic value, and cost. The goal is that you can find options that satisfy all these components. What happens when you can’t find a solution that checks all the boxes? What gets prioritized and what gets sacrificed? Do you prioritize employee comfort over cost or aesthetics? Here are some tips when thinking about choosing the right office furniture for your business space.

First and foremost, it’s important to have a budget in mind. When you know how much you’re willing to spend, it’s much easier to fit your goals with a budget. Not having a budget runs the risk of getting ahead of yourself when it comes to picking out pieces that might fit your design goals but not necessarily realistic goals of making sure to keep your business’s bottom line in mind. 

If you’re adding a new piece to an existing office set-up, you might have more flexibility with how much you’re willing to spend depending on what you see that you like. However, if you’re designing a completely new space from scratch, it’s important to keep in mind that you will be buying a lot of new furniture at one time, which can become costly. Furthermore, as you start putting together your office space, you will start to see that there might be a need for pieces that you otherwise did not initially plan for. Therefore, it’s important to build an extra room in your budget. 

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Once you have an idea of your budget and an understanding of the kinds, styles, and brands fit within that budget, you want to think about the design of your space. Designing a space is not only important for aesthetic value, but also for making sure that the furniture suits the physical space and the building your business is located in. For example, if you’re in a historic house with lots of heavy hood and exposed brick, you might want to opt for something that brightens the space up instead to create a brighter working environment. If you have an open space, you want to be sure that you can fill that space appropriately and that it doesn’t look too sparse, whether that’s open concept working spaces or fitting in break stations throughout the office. 

The design of the space is important in giving a uniform look and feel to the business. If the office furniture is sleek and minimalist, it might give the impression that the company values modernity. If the office is fitted with big, wooden desks and more traditional furniture, it might show that the company values tradition and history. 

When thinking about designing an office space it’s also important to keep the employees in mind as well. Employee comfort is an important aspect when thinking about choosing furniture. Ergonomic office furniture will help keep employees feeling refreshed, increase focus and productivity, and create a positive work environment. If you’re designing an office that wants to be forward-thinking, you might opt for standing desks for your able-bodied employees. 

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If your employees are going to be sitting for long periods of time at their desks, you want to create a workspace that best supports them. This means choosing desk chairs that follow the natural curvature of the back and provides ample lower back and lumbar support that is also height adjustable. Armrests that move around, mimicking the natural movement of arms will help to ease stress on the arms that come with writing and working on a computer all day. To help reduce costs for your business, you can purchase bulk office chairs through wholesale discount offers.

Practicality and function are also important aspects to consider alongside employee comfort. For example, a chair that swivels around and has wheels to move around is better suited than one that is stationary as it allows the employee to move around their workspace without constantly reaching and straining. When thinking about choosing furniture based on functionality, it’s important to think about all of the ways that you can make your employees time sitting at their desk less stressful, this means thinking of all the tasks that they might have to perform for their job duties and seeing how furniture can meet those needs. Desks that provide enough space for employees to work will help reduce clutter, which can negatively affect an employee’s focus. When buying a desk, thinking about its organizational capabilities can be beneficial, too. If you choose a desk that doesn’t have any drawers or cubbies, then you will need to think of other organizational solutions.

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Choosing the best office furniture is not necessarily the fanciest, most expensive piece of furniture nor is it best to just go with the cheapest option, rather, it’s important to look at functionality, design, and employee comfort alongside cost when picking out furniture. Taking advantage of wholesale office furniture offers can help you save money while getting the best furniture for your employees.

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