As people, we often want to get a good bargain when paying for goods and services. Getting a good bargain is not a bad thing as it can help you save money. It can also help you stick within your budget. 

This is why one of the common things people looking to ship their vehicles tend to look for is a cheap car shipping company. While getting a cheap deal isn’t bad, sacrificing quality for cost is one of the biggest mistakes you can make when transporting your vehicle. This is exactly what you do when you choose the cheapest company you find when looking for a service provider in this industry.

Instead of doing this, there are other ways you can go about getting cheap car shipping rates and we will discuss it in this article. We will also look at why choosing a cheap company is not the best move for you. Just stick with us to the end to learn everything you need to know about transporting your vehicle without breaking the bank and not giving up quality either. 

What Can Happen If You Opt for a Cheap Auto Transport Service 

There are so many reasons why opting for the cheapest auto transportation service you can find is a bad idea. To make you understand why this is a bad move, we will look at some of these reasons below. We believe you’ll make the right choice by knowing these reasons. 

You May Get Scammed 

Just like any other industry, there are also scammers in the auto shipping industry. These scammers will typically pose as reputable companies. But one way to spot them is that they offer ridiculously low prices for the services they offer. Sadly, if you fall prey to one of them, they will ask you to pay a deposit and when you do so, they will disappear with your money, never delivering the service you paid them for. 

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Poor Customer Service 

Some people do not know the importance of good customer service until they experience bad service. When you hire a cheap service, you will most likely get exactly what you paid for. If you have a complaint or face any challenge like damage or delays, a cheap company may not offer the best support. This will ultimately affect your overall experience and may leave you feeling cheated and frustrated. 

Hidden Fees 

Some companies attract customers with very low prices only to add hidden fees to their bills. While even a company that charges market-standard prices may be shady like this, it’s mostly the cheap companies that employ this shady tactic. You can read this article to learn more about hidden fees and how to protect yourself from them. That’s to say, the cheaper the company is, the higher the chances of you getting surprised with hidden costs later. 

What To Do Instead of Hiring a Cheap Company 

Not hiring a cheap company does not mean that you can’t get a good deal when shipping your vehicles. There are different ways to go about getting a cheap service and we will share some of these ways with you. But before we do that, let’s look at some of the factors that affect the auto transportation costs. 

Factors That Influence Shipping Costs 

There are so many factors that influence how much you pay to transport your vehicle. One of the major factors is the distance. The farther the distance, the more money you’ll have to pay for the transportation. 

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Another factor is the type of car being transported. This is because weight and size are often used to determine how much you have to pay. The time of the year can also influence your shipping costs. 

Summer months are considered the peak season in this industry because people tend to use these services more during this period. You can visit to learn the meaning of peak season. Typically, car transportation costs are often higher during this period. 

The method you use in shipping your vehicle can also determine whether you’ll pay more or less. There are two methods of shipping vehicles: open and enclosed transportation. The latter is typically cheaper than the former. Your payment method may also influence the cost as paying with a credit card may attract additional fees. 

How to Reduce Shipping Costs Without Going for the Cheapest Company 

Now that you know the various things that can make you pay more for this service; all you have to do is do the opposite to save cost. Rather than choosing the enclosed option, go for open shipping, ship your vehicles during the off-season when prices are less, pay with check or cash to avoid paying additional fees, and so on. Doing all these will help you save money without hiring a cheap and unreliable company.  


Saving costs when shipping a car is important and we’ve shown you a few ways to achieve this. Choosing a cheap company does not mean you will get substandard service if you go about it correctly. Make use of the tips we have discussed in this article to reduce the overall amount you spend during this process.