We as moms are sometimes faced with the inevitable fact that our kids get bored. Year-round there are days that there needs to be more than screen time and boredom. Sometimes it is too hot to go outside in the summer or too cold in the winter and the kids need a fun hands-on activity that does not include a lot of unnecessary wasted screen time. Here are 4 ways to make solar system learning fun: solar system bingo cards, learning with coffee filters, a diorama solar system project, and making solar system cookies. 

Solar System Bingo Cards

There are hundreds of free and printable solar system bingo games on the internet. This game can be one of the first activities used to open the door to being able to learn to name and identify all 8 of our planets in the solar system, the moon, and the sun. Bingo is a very simple game for young kids to pick up on quickly. There are different ways that the game can be switched up in order to develop flexibility in our kids’ thinking minds. For example; first kid to get a straight line, first kid to get each corner filled, or the typical blackout.  

Learning With Coffee Filters

A very simple preschool solar system project is used with coffee filters. Simply you will need coffee filters, paper plates, scissors, markers, and a spray bottle filled with water. Cut the coffee filters to size for them and the rest can be up to them. Color them based on the colors of each planet. Mercury; gray and brown, Venus; yellow and brown, Earth; green and blue, Mars; red and orange, Jupiter; red, brown, orange, and yellow, Saturn; brown and yellow, Uranus; blue, Neptune, blue and purple. Place each coffee filter on a paper plate for the inevitable mess. Once colored they can squirt their coffee filter with a few sprays from the spray bottle without drowning them. Let them dry and hang them on the fridge or in the window for a fun finish. 

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Diorama Solar System Project

Using styrofoam, cardboard, a cardboard box, paints, and string you can make a solar system diorama project fun and educational for kids of all ages. Get your various sized styrofoam balls and paint them accordingly to each planet. Paint the inside of a cardboard box with a fun galaxy theme with small dots as starts. Turn the box to its side and thread string from the top (when on its side) of the box. Then attach each planet to a string and you have an entertaining project for the kids.

Making Solar System Cookies

It is typically evident that most people enjoy a good cookie. We can make the cookie-making process fun and educational for kids. Start with sugar cookie mix, food coloring, sprinkles, and plain vanilla frosting. Have the kids help make the cookies, and finish by making different bowls of various colored frosting and decorate them according to the colors of each planet. It also makes for a delicious treat in the end!

These are 4 ways to make solar system learning fun and enjoyable for these young, malleable minds. 

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