People often ask me why I love carpets in Dubai. This is because many expats living and working here have grown to love them, so much so that they want to take up the profession themselves. It’s a very easy occupation in Dubai as rugs are easily available. You can pick up carpets at the Dubai Mall or the Al Maktoum Mall. These stores have carpets of all sizes, colors, and textures. Some of these stores also offer customization services where you can request for specific carpets in different styles and designs.

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Types of Carpets

There are two types of carpets in Dubai: native carpets and artificial carpets. The latter are man-made products which are specially manufactured in countries like Thailand, China, India, and many others. They are usually imported from these countries and then imported here. The quality of artificial carpets differs a great deal from country to country. So, if you are looking for carpets in Dubai, you should be choosy about which one to buy.

Many people choose carpets because of their beautiful design and traditional feel. If you go to any shop in Dubai, you will see a great variety of carpets. Carpets have become a big hit in the Gulf area and particularly Dubai. They are the number one choice of shop owners and interior designers. So, if you love carpets, buying one in Dubai would not be a tough task.

Importance of Carpets in Dubai

In addition to this, Dubai has many parks and other public areas which are also well signified by carpets. The Al Boom Park, for example, was once a sand dune. But it has been renovated into a very impressive public park with carpets all around. The Al Hajar Mountains is another place where you will find carpets. These mountains are also home to many hotels and restaurants.

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When you see a carpet, you will immediately think of comfort and luxury. It is obvious why these carpets are so popular among hotel and restaurant owners. A well maintained, comfortable carpet can increase the overall aesthetic value of your hotel or restaurant. If you buy good quality carpets from an experienced manufacturer in Dubai, you can even ask them to install them in your house.

Tips to buy carpets in Dubai 

When you see a shop selling carpets in Dubai, you would clearly notice the wide variety of carpets available in the market. There are many reasons for this; firstly, there is a huge competition in the market, which means a lower price for the products. Also, many manufacturers are producing more carpets for a higher demand.

Impressive look by Persian carpets

If you are looking for something that looks good as well, carpets Dubai are the best option. The traditional carpets from the Persian and Indian cultures are still available and they look quite good. The artificial fibers produced by companies like Orgreen are also popular. They are known for their longevity and good qualities. However, if you live in Dubai, you should opt for carpets produced by local manufacturers.

Dubai is a world-class tourist destination

The city of Dubai is a world-class tourist destination. Tourism is the major income for the city and the government tries to provide facilities that will attract tourists. Having carpets on the floors of your hotel, restaurants, and offices will definitely boost the image of your hotel. You can buy carpets of any color in Dubai and you can also order them customized. It is very common to see carpets in Dubai being used in homes too.

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Maintenance of carpets

Maintenance is very cheap in Dubai. The state of the art machines are efficient enough to make sure that the carpets are cleaned on a regular basis without incurring much cost. If you are lucky enough to get a carpet installed in your office or home, you will never regret it. Carpets are good insulators for cold winter nights and during the hot summers. A carpet acts as a natural air purifier in the house, reducing the amount of odor and moisture in the atmosphere.


In summary, you should visit Dubai if you like warm climate, dry climate, comfortable temperature, and comfortable flooring. A hotel room in the city of Dubai can also be furnished with carpets and it makes the room look very stylish and contemporary. If you do not know how to shop for carpets in Dubai, search for websites dealing with this topic. Internet is the best medium for finding all kinds of information you need. This article should explain why I love carpets and why you should buy one from Dubai too.

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