A warranty is a great way for a homeowner to protect themselves from the high costs associated with the repair or replacement of home systems and appliances. These plans are available to area homeowners as a way to get cost-effective services when and where they’re needed. Here, we’ll explain what home warranties are and why they’re so important.

Who Can Benefit from Home Warranty Coverage?

Plans from a home warranty company like 2-10 are a great option for new and current homeowners. However, they’re not just for newbies; even those living in older homes with dated systems and appliances may benefit from a service contract. 2-10 provides plans for single-family homes, condos, multiple units, and more.

Facts About Home Warranties and Those Who Buy Them

Below, we’ll offer some quick facts about home service contracts.

  • The average home appliance lasts approximately 13 years, and in any given year, the likelihood of a sudden failure is almost 70%.
  • A home sold with an included warranty will sell roughly 50% faster than one without a plan.
  • Homes sold with warranties command a roughly 3% higher sale price.
  • 80% of buyers would rather purchase a home with a warranty plan than one without.
  • As the housing market tightens, home warranties are becoming more popular across the country.

A 2-10 home warranty will protect you from the unexpected cost of a system or appliance replacement. Call or click today for additional details.

Do Home Warranties Help Homeowners Save Money on Repairs and Replacements?

While some people go years without making home repairs—and get no use out of a warranty plan—it’s quite rare. And, even if it happens, the peace of mind the plan provides is more than worth the price. Odds are high that at least one appliance or system in your home will need repairs in a given year, and that means a home warranty will offer significant savings. Consider that:

  • The average homeowner spends $900 per year to repair appliances and systems.
  • The cost of these repairs may range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars.
  • To maintain a home worth $300,000, it costs about $3000 per year.
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Along with the savings it provides, a 2-10 warranty offers unparalleled convenience. Our network of local service providers is trusted, screened, and licensed, so you can bring them into your home with complete confidence.

Many homeowners find that the services they receive from companies within our network are easier to obtain and of higher quality than those chosen without professional help. By working with us, you’ll always make the best choice.

Plan and Protect Your Home and Its Contents with a Home Warranty

Buying a home warranty plan from 2-10 is a wise decision for any homeowner, as it is an affordable option that protects against unexpected breakdowns and the costs that accompany them. Our warranties allow owners to rest assured that, when things go wrong, they’ll be resolved promptly and properly. Get more information on our website or call today to learn about our plans.

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