It’s not an easy world to live in nowadays, is it? Costs are going up, but your wages aren’t. You worry that one day the price of a home will be ten times higher than your annual salary, and buying a new car will be a far away dream upon retirement.

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Understanding Investing

Investing is the art of taking what capital you have to spare and putting it into assets that can accumulate wealth over time. This can be anything from the traditional stocks and bonds markets, to collectibles, gold, cryptocurrencies, real estate and so on.

As you delve into the investment world, you will be faced with many opportunities and getting started as the new kid on the investment block is not easy. So, here are five top tips for investing as a beginner.

Top Tip #1. Try Bucketing Your Savings

Investing and saving work in the same ballpark. You need to save in order to invest and if you do not invest, eventually your savings will get gobbled up by the viciousness of the fluctuating economy.

Bucketing is a great way to work your savings. Bucketing is a term, like you put your savings in a bucket, although you could call it piggy-banking, or anything else.

Your first bucket should be an emergency fund, a liquid fund of money that you can withdraw from at any time without penalty for doing so. It can save you from brash situations.

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The second should hold medium-termed savings, this means anything for the next 2 to 6 years. This cash doesn’t need to be liquid, you will want a higher return on this than you’d get with a savings account.

The third should be for the long term, think retirement. The market will always fluctuate, but over decades it will likely increase and any fluctuations won’t be so damaging.

Fourth should be extras, if you are happy with all your other ‘buckets’ and you make a fourth for extras, then you have hit the jackpot!

Top Tip #2. Give Automation A Try 

Splitting your money into multiple buckets is hard work, but it can be easy as pie if you automate it. You can easily set up automatic transfers, and it will save you time.

This means you get more time in the long run to focus on your investments and where your money is going to and coming from, and less time organizing it all.

Some platforms will have easy ways to automate investing, allowing you to automatically pull money from your bank and invest. You can choose the amount and how often it will happen.

Top Tip #3. Diversification Is The Way To Go

Diversification is also important. Diversifying means that you are more secure. If you only invest traditionally, such as in stocks and bonds you are more likely to make less in your investments, and maybe even lose money.

As the saying goes ‘do not put all your chickens in one coup’. Diversify your assets and even if one falls, another one will be there to hold you up.

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If you invest in stocks, bonds, real estate and collectibles you will always have something to fall back on.

Top Tip #4. Minimal Fees Are Good Fees

Fees can get high in some investments. Mutual funds, ETFs, and index funds keep things diverse, however, investing comes with fees, and while fees are expected they can eat away at you pretty fast.

Mutual funds can charge 2% annually, which seems pretty minor, but over some years it adds up, and you end up losing a chunk.

You can find some portfolios that will offer a good compromise, which helps you to keep your fees lower and can save you in the long run.

Top Tip #5. Confused? Ask For Help

Finally, as a beginner, you will be a bit bewildered as you enter the investing world. But, you are not alone, remember every investor was bewildered and confused when they started. Do not be afraid to ask for advice and for help when needed.

If you know some investors that is great, however, so many platforms will have live chats, or offer help to those who need it, through advisors and such.

Ensuring you ask trusted advisors on your side to guide you through as you enter the investing world will help you feel more at ease with where your money is and where it’s going.

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