We believe in investing in a well-designed fashion that will last. The same principle can be applied to daily used things: a well-made leather bag or a well-thought-out heel will increase your sewing ROI. With that in mind, we have asked jewelry manufacturers to share their reliable guide on five things to look for when buying jewelry. If you are looking for pieces of jewelry, you can try and visit Roy Jewels for their products.

1. Play with color & style:

We are not discussing 4 Cs diamonds here, and the color is essential in whatever you buy. Think about what you wear. If you are wearing a lot of black, white, or neutral, then the color or bold colors can work well. Otherwise, the decoration can be lost on the back of the dress. The Lolo & Galago Spice Trail is a bright and unusual collection full of color, with an optimistic, oriental orientation adorned with pink and yellow sapphires and bright gold. The sizeable geometric shape looks stunning in a simple dress – a little black dress expecting compliments. Although the design is very sophisticated, the Fine Jewelry collection from Adina Eden features a series of bright diamonds, sapphires, peridots, and tourmaline that stand out against white or black.

If you prefer printed dresses with bright colors, you are probably looking for something more sophisticated in jewelry. Collection number 8 incorporates the simplicity of smooth, natural shapes made of gold and silver. Modest but beautiful, it looks good in black or bright colors.

2. Mix and match:

However, it is not necessary to focus on one look. Sometimes the most colorful accessories are mixed and matched, both jewelry and clothing and accessories. When mixing your jewelry, choose one dictionary that includes the pieces. It could be a color: Yellow Garden of Stones gold ring with blue topaz paired with simple gold jewelry from Number 8 or Imperial and colored gold gemstones from Fine Jewelry. Add a touch of personality and splendor to a white shirt or black dress.

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Of course, mixing and matching are not limited to resources. Who said beautiful jewelry is just high fashion? Pair casual jeans with a bright Imperial cut, which is a piece, or take a different look with a beautiful Autumnal look. It’s all about what you want to say about your outfit.

3. Your jewelry should match you:

It’s nice to have a perfect piece of clothing, but is it perfect for you? Long necklaces should be sized so as not to shorten your neck; large, bold, bulky jewelry can make a picture beautiful or drown; and the metal you choose should match your skin tone. Tones of gold are usually suitable for everyone, though they may look better on people with warmer skin, whereas silver, platinum, and white gold illuminate a calm face.

4. Dress for the occasion:

Think about what time you wear it. A short cuff may not be very suitable for a meeting with a bank board. A delicate pearl necklace will not fit on holiday. You choose classics: pearls, stud earrings, beautiful chains, and necklaces with pendants; or do you think it is significant: chandelier earrings, polished rings, large stones, and cuff bracelets?

5. Check the design:

Last but not least, jewelry is deceptive. This is an important factor when you are buying jewelry. How do you know when you get a well-designed and well-constructed product without being a professional? Check the setting. The pave setting (jewelry with many small stones) should be consecutive with a repeating pattern. The smaller beads between them should be the same (this indicates consistency) and evenly spaced on the rocks to move. However, these beads need to be small – the overall effect should be a lasting layer of value.

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