People deal with written documents at different points in their lives because information keeps the world going.

You will often prepare documents to show investors, existing clients, and prospects if you run a business. But, with the bulk of information that companies have to process daily, it may get hard to handle them without some help from technology.

One of the significant technologies you can incorporate into your business is an online PDF editor, making it easy to work on PDF documents, even on the go.

So, if you are a new or existing business owner, this article will show you how to pick the appropriate PDF tool for your business needs.

Five things to consider before choosing a PDF tool for your business

PDF editors work well for students, teachers, and people in other professions, but each tool has different features to fit individuals’ needs.

So to get value for your money, you should consider some factors when selecting a PDF editor for business operations.

1. Purpose

When choosing a PDF creator for business, its intended purpose should be clear from the onset. There are many PDF tools in the workspace with various features, so you can’t afford to pay for a PDF editor on a whim.

For instance, many business owners need a tool that works with optical character recognition (OCR). This feature makes it possible to scan printed documents and open them for electronic editing. It eliminates the stress of typing documents from scratch, saving you time for more productive activities, and ensures that you can convert old paper documents to digital ones.

But students can do without PDF editors that have OCR. So, the kind of files you handle determines the type of PDF app to get.

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2. Collaboration

A good PDF editor encourages teamwork by allowing several people to work on a document simultaneously. It should provide features like sharing, comments, and notes for people to exchange ideas effortlessly. This feature reduces disruptions in workflow and miscommunication.

3. Convenience

Business tools like BI software and PDF editors have something in common; they make your teams more productive while saving time. But if they are complicated, your team members will struggle to get the maximum value from them.

So when choosing a PDF editor for your business, ensure that simplicity is its primary driving force. The user interface of your editor has to be easy to understand and navigate, such that even newbies can use it successfully on the first try.

The tool should make all the standard features of PDF editing software easy to access, and the user experience should be friendly so that you don’t waste time looking for the functions you need.

4. Capacity to create and edit PDFs

When selecting a PDF tool, ensure that it has the same functions as desktop publishers. The PDF editing software should edit text, add images and videos, annotate, input objects, etc.

An excellent online PDF editor should also let you change a document’s layout by segmenting texts into boxes so that you can easily rearrange them. Plus, it should make a PDF document to accept font type and size changes, layout adjustments, and justification.

Choose a business software smart enough to maintain the text flow as you make changes so that you don’t mess up the alignment in a PDF document when editing it.

Finally, the tool should have the capacity to add headers, footers, watermarks, and electronic signatures.

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5.  Security

When you create confidential documents for your business, take measures to protect sensitive details and information. Big companies need a PDF editor to add passwords to PDF files. The tool allows them to restrict the public from printing or recreating their documents.

It’s also ideal to invest in a tool that enables certificate protection so that you can revoke a document even after publishing or sharing it.

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Three essential PDF editors for businesses

Now that you are familiar with the most critical features of PDF editors for your business, here are some tools you need:

1. PDF Xchange Editor

PDF XChange Editor is a PDF editing program for Windows operating system. It has a straightforward interface with access to significant features like watermarks.

This PDF file editor features optical character recognition (OCR), enabling you to work on printed text without going through the stress of typing. PDF Xchange also allows you to change the format of texts and use fonts that aren’t available on your computer.

Finally, the tool lets you merge and split documents, which will help your business if you send PDFs in bulk.

2. LuminPDF

LuminPDF is among the best PDF editor software because of its practical features and navigable interface. The tool works as a PDF form creator, and a PDF fillable form comes in handy when taking market surveys and getting customers’ feedback.

What’s more? Lumin PDF even comes with a guide that shows you how to edit PDF. Attention to user experience doesn’t get much better than this.

You can use Lumin PDF to edit PDF online and merge PDF documents when sending out multiple files. The tool also allows you to split documents into individual pages.

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3. Google Docs

Google Docs is surprisingly great at editing PDFs, considering that its primary function is to edit Word documents. It ticks almost all the boxes of the ideal PDF tools to use for your business.

The Google PDF editor links to Google Drive and makes it easy to access and edit PDF documents without installing third-party applications.

Google Docs also supports collaboration on files. Multiple users can manage one document simultaneously while using the chat option to keep each other updated.

With this tool, you can add passwords to documents and decide what each person accessing the file can do, ranging from editing, viewing, and commenting.

Finally, Google Docs automatically backs up revised files to Google Drive, so it immediately saves your changes each time you edit a document.


Businesses need PDF files to document important information like financial transactions and proposals. So as a business owner, invest in a PDF editor that lets you quickly access, edit, merge, and split documents.

PDF editors also protect your documents from plagiarism by enabling you to add passwords to restrict third-party access. The best tools are easy to use and typically come with guides.

One of the best decisions you can make for your business is to invest in its documentation, and a PDF editor is one of the best tools you can get for that.

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