Excel is efficient when it comes to accounting. Even if you’re a complete beginner, you can customise an Excel spreadsheet to your own needs. From managing business finances to creating invoices, this program has many uses outside of accounting. You can use it in your professional life, in many fields requiring IT skills. Here are just a few of them:


Accounting software allows you to manage multiple income streams, saving data entry time. Instead of managing all your numbers in several places, you can access them from a single place, using your computer. It gives you peace of mind and easy-to-read at-a-glance reporting.

Accounting software also saves time and effort. By automating tasks and using pre-filled information, accounting software improves efficiency and reduces labour costs. 

Accounting software can also help you make custom reports. Custom reports save a lot of time. Accounting reports provide valuable insight, whether you want to analyse a trend or a growth pattern. By generating financial reports automatically, accounting software makes it much easier to track the overall health of a business. Accounting reports include cash flow statements, profit and loss statements, balance sheets, and cash-flow statements.

Accounting software is often better than spreadsheets. They allow you to perform predictive analysis and predict when accounts receivable or payable will increase. It can give you a clearer picture of your business, leading to more effective financial management. Accounting software is a great alternative to spreadsheets, which can be confusing and time-consuming. However, it is advisable to try out a free trial version of an accounting software before committing to one.

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There are several reasons why using accounting software is safer than spreadsheets. While spreadsheets may seem like a more convenient option for certain business processes, they often lack the safety and security of an ERP system. Spreadsheets often contain not audited information and may be exposed to fraud or inaccurate data. These risks can be eliminated when used in conjunction with a software solution. 

Spreadsheets are insecure. Human error is a common cause of data corruption in spreadsheets. Even spreadsheets with password protection are not 100% secure. Financial data is especially susceptible to misuse. Spreadsheets can be helpful for smaller businesses, but they cannot handle the complexities of a more significant business. And they can be hard to use and maintain, requiring different team members to access them and spend a great deal of time on them.

Another advantage of lease accounting software is its ability to provide greater transparency and security. While spreadsheets can be used in this role, they can have numerous risks. For example, spreadsheets cannot be audited and lack data integrity. Also, they do not provide version control or historical tracking, which can lead to data quality and security issues. Lease accounting software also has improved security by giving users a password-protected system.

Accounting software provides many benefits. Numeric Eight team are the experts in cloud accounting software. Before purchasing software, be sure to evaluate your company’s needs. 

Tracking costs

Software spreadsheets are powerful accounting tools. They give users advanced financial layouts, and they can put dependent sections and budgeted items in columns and then calculate the sum of all listed amounts. In addition, individual listed amounts can be changed at will. Another feature of accounting software is tracking recurring costs, such as individual production items. Furthermore, it allows users to share financial information among colleagues easily. Cloud-based accounting software is a good option for small retail businesses.

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Ease of Use

Another reason to choose accounting software over spreadsheets is its ease of use. Small businesses don’t typically have in-house accountants, so switching to core software helps them cope with the burden of accounting. Additionally, this software can ease the transition to an outside accountant or dedicated financial professional. These benefits outweigh the drawbacks of using spreadsheets in accounting. The complexity of accounting software can make your life easier, so consider this if you’re considering changing software.

Another reason to choose accounting software over spreadsheets is the level of customization. Spreadsheets can get very personalised over time, so changing data in spreadsheets may be difficult. However, with accounting software, you can maintain all your company’s financial information in one central location. Additionally, bank statements automatically feed into the software, which reduces data entry and potential errors. Finally, accounting software can ensure your financial reports are always up-to-date.

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