Have you seen a blue badge on Twitter accounts? If you are a Twitter user, then obviously you may have noticed it. The blue badge on Twitter shows that the account is authentic. 

However, in 2017, Twitter needed to shelve the Blue Badge program as it faced trouble over the verification for white supremacist Jason Kessler. You may be aware that he was the one who planned and organized the Charlottesville rally. Kessler was not a person of “public interest” who got the blue tick and then Twitter was not able to provide a valid justification for it. Because of all this, CEO Jack Dorsey come out in the amid and publicly admitted that the profile verification systems were broken and it need work. Hence, the program was suspended.

Now, Twitter said that it will again start the verification program and accept applications for it. However, a set of new regulations and guidelines has been issued for this program. Not only this, but the social media giant also had started to taking public feedback against the new verification policy concentrating on healthy conversations. It is estimated that the feedback is taken in order to encourage Twitter to reopen the program.

Twitter’s Verification Program: Eligibility Criteria

For users who want to get qualify the Twitter’s verification program, there are certain prerequisites. If you are a starter then you must have the following details, such as profile name, confirmed email address or phone number, or a profile image. Also, the account should be active for at least six months with no records of violating any of Twitter’s platform guidelines and rules.

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Additionally, Twitter listed six professional categories which can easily get the blue badge. It includes government, brands and organizations, companies, entertainment, news organizations and journalists, and activists/organizers, sports, and gaming.


Key government offices and officials, includes elected officials, heads of state, institutional entities, appointed ministers, official spokespeople, and ambassadors. 

Companies, brands, and organizations

It includes secondary affiliated accounts and organizations, such as brands, non-profit organizations, companies, and other prominent executives. 


Under entertainment section, it includes entertainment companies, like TV networks, film studios, and music entities. Official productions accounts concerned with entertainment are events/festivals, films, or TV shows, 

Sports and Gaming

Here, the accounting of professional sports teams, leagues, coaches, and rostered athletes listed on the official team website. 

The above lists do not stand for other people who might be eligible for verification and the social media giant is working on it. Apart from this, Twitter will also add few additional categories, like academics, scientists, and religious leaders later.

Now, the question is “how to apply for the Twitter verification program?” The answer to your question is described below. 

How to apply for Twitter verification?

Once you are done with the above eligibility, you are now just required to move to the account settings tab. Here, you will get a verification application option. However, Twitter is currently phasing out the role but it will not belong.

If in case, your application gets rejected, you are eligible to re-apply for the Twitter verification program 30 days after getting Twitter’s rejection notice.

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Also, Twitter released its plans for the future which is comprised of updating labeling automated accounts, updating the user’s profile page with an “About” tab, in the coming months.

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