There is plenty of debate as to whether it is wise to spend on social media video marketing. Social media is as popular as it has ever been yet traditional social media platforms such as Facebook (owned by Meta) are gradually losing momentum. 

The most successful advertisers recognize the dynamic quality of social media and pivot accordingly, spreading out their marketing budget across a wide array of platforms. Without further ado, let’s take a look at why strategic social media video marketing is effective in 2023.

Businesses Still use Social Media Video Marketing

Billions of videos are viewed on Facebook and other social media platforms every day. reports Twitter videos hike customers’ intent to purchase by nearly 35%. According to Twitter’s internal statistical reports, video ads within Tweet streams have the potential to improve brand ad recall by upwards of 70%. The key takeaway from these statistics is that social media video marketing is more relevant now than ever before.

Part of the success of social media video marketing in 2023 is attributable to our on-demand culture. People are more inclined to watch or at least skim through a video than read thousands of words on a webpage. Furthermore, people are also inclined to share social media video content with friends across a litany of platforms. In contrast, people are less inclined to share a lengthy article simply because it takes more time to read through an entire page or more of text. 

The bottom line is time is limited. It takes less time to watch a brief video and understand the message, even if the sound is off. As is often said, the proof is in the pudding: social media video inspire way more shares than content containing text and/or images.

The ”Why” of Social Media Video Marketing Success

Let’s shift our attention to why social media video is so successful in 2023. Social media video

of 30-seconds or less is easily consumable, especially if it contains animated components or a carefully crafted artful presentation that is pleasing to the eye. 

At the bare minimum, the video marketing content should have captioned text at the bottom so those who view the content can understand its meaning without turning on the sound. Keep in mind, a significant portion of the viewing audience skims through social media in public places, be it on a public train, in a waiting room, in a café or elsewhere. As long as the video contains captioned text, the viewer will understand its overarching message.

Videos are Measurable

Videos posted to social media platforms set the stage for tracking and measurement. Social media video views, likes, shares and other metrics can be easily monitored. Keep a close eye on the number of people who view your video content posted to the plethora of social media platforms, continue to measure conversions from each video and you’ll understand the true extent of your company’s reach. 

Make the necessary iterations moving forward through the implementation of strategic changes throughout your video content. Continue to gauge the impact of those iterations moving forward. 

Humanize Your Business 

Above all, the most glaring reason why social media video marketing is likely to remain effective through 2023 and beyond is its humanization of what would otherwise be construed as profit-hungry businesses. People relate to visuals more than the written word. Put a face to your business in the form of your company’s staff and/or satisfied customers featured throughout your video content and the viewing audience will feel much more of a genuine connection to your business. 

Combine video footage featuring your team, customers, or office along with animation and product/service demonstrations throughout your online video content. The right combination of these elements establishes the all-important rapport with your viewing audience.

Go Viral With Social Media Video Content 

Weave in humor, visual flair along with valuable insight, and your video content might go viral. A viral video shared through social media circles is the equivalent of free marketing. Invest the time and effort necessary to inspire your viewing audience to share your company’s social media video content with friends, family, coworkers, and others in their web-based social circles and those videos will be the investment that will keep on giving high returns, and to create such a viral-worthy video content an online video editor tool can really be helpful.

Keep in mind, only a small percentage of your social media videos are likely to go viral. However, even if only one or two such videos hit a ”critical mass” point that inspires extensive share, that virility will maximize efficiency, ultimately helping your business make a significant impact without burning through your limited marketing budget.

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