Are you planning to visit Singapore? Or do you stay in or near Singapore? Singapore is a beautiful place to stay and for holidays. The culture, infrastructure, food, weather, and hospitality are excellent over there but, if you wish to explore more beautiful or offbeat places near Singapore then, plan a perfect getaway to Bintan if you have a couple of days off from work. Singapore to Bintan could be the perfect vacation location if you love to visit tropical places like islands. It will take a quick ferry trip and it won’t dig a hole in your pocket as well.

Why should you travel to Bintan?

This is a perfect place for vacation and if you love tropical places then you should definitely add this to your list. It is an upscale destination for resorts and you will get to experience diverse options of water sports. This island will give you an idea about the culture and heritage as well because this place has religious places like temples.

You can even plan for a solo trip if you like a quiet getaway all by yourself and enjoy the secluded and offbeat beaches on the island. The tropical climate and food are worth mentioning. Speaking about hospitality, resorts in Bintan offer the safest and the most comfortable experiences. They also provide great spaces for stays and offer recreational activities, both indoors and outdoors.

The sightseeing is absolutely worth it. Enjoy the sunrise and the sunset from the beaches along with a short walk by the water. Bintan is well-known for its rich historical and cultural sites, colonial architecture, seafood restaurants, Chinese temples, mesmerizing secluded beaches, and amazing fauna. This is a perfect place to spend quality time with your loved ones. The kids will also enjoy the time and indulge in activities that Bintan has to offer.

How will you travel from Singapore to Bintan?

You can take a round-trip on a ferry from Singapore to Bintan. The ferry terminal in Singapore offers daily trips to Bintan resorts and you can reach there within less than sixty minutes by ferry. You will love the enchanting ferry ride as it will take you along the coastline and the view is breathtaking.

According to the recent government guidelines, you will not require a VISA to travel to Bintan if you are visiting the place for a maximum time of thirty days and this tenure is non-extendable. You might need a visa on arrival if you are not from an ASEAN country which is also valid for thirty days (it is applicable for forty-three countries). Currently, Bintan maintains a tight protocol for health screening like mandatory RT PCR reports, temperature checking, and checking for other health symptoms due to the pandemic and ensures a safe experience while you enjoy yourselves to the fullest in this beautiful place. If you are found symptomatic, they have comfortable self-isolation places as well where they will take care of and keep you under observation for 24 hours.


Traveling from Singapore to Bintan is very easy and hassle-free. If you really need to take your mind off your daily schedule, do not wait and get to experience quality hospitality and lip-smacking delicacies in Bintan.

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