A crack, leak, or split can be a frustrating sight. Whether in your home, vehicle, or workshop, you surely want to find ways to get more life out of your items without expensive repairs or replacements.

ROGO Fastener carries a variety of adhesives and sealants that offer solutions to many issues. Each product has different applications, so you must carefully select the suitable compound for the job.

Differences Between Adhesives and Sealants

Adhesives are substances that affix two materials together by surface attraction. These compounds typically form permanent bonds and are a popular solution in manufacturing and repairs. In fact, the adhesive and sealant market is worth over $60 billion.

Adhesives come in forms, such as:

  • Liquid
  • Gel
  • Paste
  • Spray

You can purchase adhesives in various strengths that serve multiple applications. ROGO Fastener offers high-quality varieties fit for professional use.

Sealants have adhesive properties, but a critical distinction is their lower strength and greater flexibility. Instead of tightly holding two or more surfaces together, a sealant attaches at least two materials and fills the space between them to form a protective coating or barrier. Sealant compounds include many of the same chemicals as adhesives but in adjusted formulations.

Manufacturers generally create sealants to have flexibility so they can move with a material during expansion or contraction resulting from temperature changes or vibration. This adaptability keeps the bonded joint intact over time without breaking down.


Epoxies are specialized adhesives that cure through a reaction to form a heat and chemical-resistant bond between two surfaces. Epoxies are very strong and common in construction projects, manufacturing, and automotive industries. A crucial factor when using ROGO Fastener epoxies is following directions to ensure the substance cures correctly and does not fail later. 

Gasket Makers

Gasket makers can form a tight seal between two surfaces without using external fastening hardware, such as screws or bolts. Silicone is a popular compound for this sealant.

Gasket makers are common in automotive applications where they prevent fluids from leaking while providing an airtight seal. Once again, following directions is vital because too much of the product can result in clogging.

Thread Lockers

ROGO Fastener thread lockers support threaded fasteners, such as nuts and bolts. Thread lockers fill up the space around threads with their sticky compound, which helps keep them from vibrating loose during use.

The combination also helps prevent corrosion due to moisture exposure on the threads. This is because thread lockers tend not to break down over long periods like other adhesives.

Seam Sealers

Seam sealers fill gaps between two joined pieces of material, such as metal sheets or fabric panels. Seam sealers use elastomers to provide flexible bonding while forming an airtight seal against water intrusion or dust ingress. This chemical can keep out moisture while providing a secure joint between the two materials without any fastening hardware.

ROGO Fastener Sealant and Adhesive Solutions

Selecting the right adhesive or sealant depends on your specific requirements. When you need a suitable adhesive or sealant, search the selection at ROGO Fastener. You’ll discover an extensive range of products for maintenance and automotive repair. 

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