For any small podiatry practice out there, the process of choosing an EMR can be tough. After all, you have so much to consider before you make a decision. The EMR should be able to work in your specialty, but still be affordable for your budget. This can really narrow down your choices, but it doesn’t leave you without any choices to work with.

An EMR that you can use to improve the work that you do is Sammy EMR. This is an affordable yet effective solution that has been built specifically for podiatrists. It has some of the best podiatry features available on the market, which means it is worthwhile finding out what this software has to offer. So keep reading to learn more about Sammy EMR!

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What Is Sammy EMR?

When it comes to podiatry software that is designed to improve the work at any practice, one of the first names to come to mind is Sammy EMR. This solution is the perfect dream EMR for a small practice, as it is budget-friendly enough. It is also capable of providing all of the help and support needed to run such a practice without the added cost of a bigger team. 

This solution has been available to practices for more than thirty years at this point. It has been able to perfect its formula during this time, which makes it a major contender to be used in the podiatry space. This is because it has been created with the experience of a modern podiatrist in mind. It can therefore cover up the issues that podiatrists face daily. 

In terms of cost, the Sammy EMR pricing plan is considered relatively affordable. It is available to practices at just $349 a month for each user. You can also learn more about the plans available and added costs by reaching out to the vendor. They can also help you see the Sammy EMR demo so you can really see the benefits of each feature available. 

Another great way to get to know the software best is to read Sammy EMR reviews. These reviews are all created by real businesses who have used it in their podiatry practices. This offers up some crucial information regarding the software which can have a huge impact on your decision to get it. So make sure to read reviews to see all of their biggest benefits!

What Features Are Available In Sammy EMR?

With an understanding of what Sammy EMR does, let’s learn more about how much it can benefit the practices that use it. These features are all offered to help podiatry practices achieve the best possible outcomes. These are just the top five features that we love and which are well-reviewed. For a more detailed look, you can ask the vendor for a demo. 


The first thing that any user sees when they sign in with their EMR is their dashboard. The dashboard is a very important place where you can store important features and highlight the most urgent tasks. The dashboard from Sammy EMR can be customized in a way that helps you work the most efficiently. It also helps you easily navigate through the software. 

Podiatry Features

As a podiatrist, you are most likely concerned with having an EMR that can adapt to the way that you do work. The EMR that you use should be able to understand what is needed at a podiatry facility and work accordingly. This software is able to do this because it has been created specifically for podiatry. It, therefore, has all of the tools needed at your practice. 


You are also probably thinking of using an EMR that can store and share data in an easy and organized method. This is easy to do with Sammy because you can keep all of the data related to patients in an online file. The file is easy to use, search, and look at when it is necessary for patient care. The best part is, it is also safe because it is HIPAA compliant. 

Patient Portal

Just as you need to be able to keep up with all of the updates around the practice, so do the patients who rely on you and need to visit you. In order to make this happen, you have the option to use the Sammy patient portal. This is a place where patients can see their data, as well as having the option to book visits. You can also allow them to communicate with this. 

Cloud Software

A lot of traditional EMR stores data on the site in a physical server that is kept onsite. This can have its own benefits, but in this day and age, the presence of such a server can cause some issues too. Having a cloud server like the one with Sammy EMR is helpful so you can always have access to the data. It can be checked up at any date or time when needed.

Should I Choose Sammy EMR For My Practice?

If you have read all of this about Sammy EMR, the chances are that you may want to ask more questions. This will all be useful so that you can decide if using Sammy at your clinic is the best action for you and your practice. If that is how you feel, you may want to reach out to the vendor. They can then give you some more information about this software.

Another great way to decide on what software is right for your practice is to think about the facts of what your workflow is like. Asking questions about the kind of workflow you want to establish can be crucial. At the end of the day, when you know the answers to these questions, you can decide if Sammy is the right choice for you.

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