The business of NEMT operations has been growing exponentially in popularity over the last decade, and this is for very good reason. While emergency transport caters to patients in critical condition and are usually readily available by many companies, non-emergency transport for patients who are still struggling to get to hospital safely on their own without extra assistance are unfortunately very limited.

Non-Emergency Medical Transport operations are therefore an incredibly selfless project to undertake with some great online guides available highlighting the best ways to set up an NEMT and all the equipment and knowledge you’ll need to get the business off the ground.

There are however some key business ideas to keep in mind that are guaranteed to improve the success of any NEMT business and so you can learn about the top ideas in no time, below we have compiled 5 of the best business ideas when it comes to promoting an NEMT.

1) Ensure that your business is HIPAA compliant

HIPAA is incredibly important in the medical field because it is required for those within health care and related fields to actually help patients reliably. HIPAA itself works to protect sensitive patient data including how their information is transferred, shared and managed.

Some of the best ways you can remain HIPAA compliant is by implementing technical safeguards, enforcing the proper security standards and to use a HIPAA compliance software to make it even easier to know what you can and cannot do with patient information.

This is all to ensure that you are not hiding your patients information and that you are not using it irresponsibly.

2) Determine a charging price

In order to estimate roughly how much it is a good idea to charge for the NEMT services, it can be a great idea to scout out the competition. Seek out any NEMT operations that are of a similar size to yours, and if possible, any that are in the same location.

Examine their pricing models, geographic delivery area and the size and type of their fleet to gain a rough estimate of what prices are being used for other businesses to replicate for your own project.

Remember that because of the nature of the business, you don’t want to try and make the services overpriced, after all you will be competing with regular taxis and other forms of public transport, so you want your business to stand out.

3) Spread the word of your business

While we all know tv advertisements are a popular way of grabbing the attention of potential customers and people who may be interested in a business, in the world of NEMT word of mouth has a far better reach and is a much better strategy for the long term that won’t cost anywhere near as much as standard advertising.

It can be a good idea to begin by researching any local senior centers near you along with retirement homes and assisted living facilities to make your business known. A lot of institutions and care homes are extremely happy to find a new NEMT and especially one that is reliable enough to depend on when they urgently need them.

Get involved in community groups and senior activity centers at the same time to make your face and business known so people will know who to contact for their traveling services.

4) Work towards doing business with brokers

Just like any business, if you’re going to grow in the long term you will need to work closely with brokers to enable your operation to remain financially stable. Brokers will use NEMT operations and software to monitor their provider clients, and will then use this to create a competitive environment for NEMT providers.

Make sure in your operation you are as reliable as possible with on-time deliveries, have error-free trip booking and have efficient claims and invoice management to attract brokers to support your business in the near future.

5) Make use of NEMT software

NEMT software is a revolutionary technology that can automate and digitize all NEMT activities into one place, and is aimed at addressing daily challenges like traffic issues and cancellations. The software can also make simple billing operations and can keep an accurate record of what patients have used the service and which are the most frequent, with this software making the management of a NEMT business far easier.


There has never been a better time to set up a NEMT business, they are respectable, stable in the long term and always in demand, so try to incorporate some of these business ideas to get your operation off the ground and running.

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