YouTube is the world’s most popular video-sharing website. It has become a platform used by many artists, from aspiring singers to established musicians, when they want their music to be heard. Tons of videos are uploaded daily on YouTube, making it even more difficult for one single music video to stand out and have people take notice. But don’t let this intimidate you; here are a few guidelines on how you can promote your music on YouTube so that more people get to hear it:

1) Optimize your video

When you upload a new music video on YouTube, describe its contents in the description. You must make sure to include complete information about yourself and what you are promoting; give out all necessary contact details as well, including your name, email address, website address, etc. Don’t forget to include links where people can purchase or download your song.

2) Come up with creative tags for your video

Title & Tags are two of the most important things to consider when uploading your video. The title will be displayed on top of your music video every time it shows up on a list or feed, so make sure you include relevant keywords that describe your song or music video. The tags are also essential since these are words that describe your content, and they help people discover new videos that might be related to theirs.

3) Use social media

Use social media websites like Facebook, Twitter & Instagram to let everyone know about the existence of your videos so they can watch them! You can even create animated gifs for easy sharing on each platform.

4) Embed Your Video

Embedding allows you to share YouTube videos on other websites, blogs, and social media. It is an excellent way of promoting your video – just be sure to include complete information about the source of the tape so that you won’t get into trouble with YouTube’s Terms of Service.

5) Make a list

If you have tons of videos up on YouTube, it can be hard to keep track of them all. To help you create a list by uploading all your music videos in one playlist and changing their privacy setting so that only you can view and edit them. Viewers will still be able to watch them as well, though, if they type in the exact URL on the address bar. Then, keep updating this playlist as more new songs are uploaded.

6) Collaborate with popular

YouTube artists If you’re an indie music artist and want to promote yourself on YouTube, it can be pretty challenging, especially if you don’t know other well-known YouTubers. But at least there are still ways for you to collaborate with them or reach out to make connections. So if ever you get the chance to work with these kinds of artists, go all in; they might help boost your music career faster than you think.

7) Upload your song on SoundCloud

You should focus on uploading your video on YouTube and make sure it is available for free download on websites like Soundcloud or Reverbnation. These are other places where people might want to hear your music – take advantage of them.

8) Promote it offline

There are lots of ways to promote yourself online, right? But did you know that there are also ways to promote yourself offline? Use social media events, put up posters, or mention them in your DIY merch. These are just some things you can do to promote your music; give it a try.

9) Make an attractive thumbnail

A video with a catchy or exciting thumbnail will surely get more clicks on YouTube, rather than one that has nothing but the song’s name. So make sure that whatever picture you upload is eye-catching and will help people want to click on it.

10) go viral

Having over 100 views in one day is such a feat since not everyone gets noticed by so many users in such a short period. It might take lots of patience and hard work for this to happen, but you can boost your chances when you include clickable tags when uploading your videos. This will help your videos rank higher on YouTube and get noticed by a much larger number of people.

11) Use clean photos

Make sure that the photos you use to advertise your videos are as clean as possible for them to have a better chance of being viewed. If they have been photoshopped so much, it can be challenging for potential viewers to take them seriously – so avoid using selfies and use official photographs instead.

12) Promote it with DIY merch

Did you know that there are many ways you can promote your music online? You can even do this offline if you sell DIY merch like t-shirts or CDs. It might not be brilliant to start selling stuff right away, though make sure first that people want to listen to your music so that you won’t be wasting money on a stock that will just stay in your storage.

13) Get a feature from another YouTube channel

Getting a feature from an already established YouTube channel is one of the best ways to promote your youtube channel. To increase your chance of getting noticed, create a video that includes both channels’ logos and link it back to theirs – this way, people will have something else they can click on if they want to check out their channel as well.

14) Try being consistent

One problem with uploading regularly and having consistent uploads is that the videos will keep getting older and older due to new content. Still, consistency can make up for this kind of disadvantage, especially if it’s consistently good quality content. You should know that people look forward to your following example, use video uploads, so have fun figuring out the schedule.

15) Upload high-quality videos

Like albums, songs also need videos that can capture their natural essence. So don’t just put any random video here because this is where you can show how talented you are! First drafts may be good enough for other kinds of work, but not when it comes to music videos. So if you want people to take your songs seriously, invest in high-quality videos; they will ultimately help you create a brand image that listeners will relate to.  Also, having a good video intro will catch the audience’s attention so make sure to make a good one. You can use Intro Maker if you have difficulty making it.


YouTube is one of the most prominent music platforms people use to listen to music and watch videos. As a musician, you need to promote yourself on this platform if you want more people to hear your songs. Use the tips shared here as your guide for this. Remember not to be discouraged; if it takes some time before you make it big, keep at it until what you are doing becomes better you become a more significant example.

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