Ancient people saw good value in precious metals, rare stones and stylish designs to craft their jewellery. For instance, in prehistoric Egypt, different astonishing rings were typically worn by the privileged – probably to make a statement about their social standing and identity. 

Statement rings are otherwise called cocktail rings and they are a bit larger compared to regular fashion rings. They can be complemented by a diamond, a big gemstone or some kind of metal design. They are the ideal way to put across elements of the wearer’s style preferences or personality. 

Some people consider the statement rings to be an item that offers them a sense of individuality and power. You might come across numerous statement ring designs yet feel unclear about which ring represents you. It is always better to make use of a guide to know the ways to sport statement rings. Perceive them as a way to aid you in deciding which statement ring type will best suit your needs. 

Style guide

Statement rings now come in all sizes and shapes and so there is no one rule about what a ring should actually look like. A handful of people would maybe like to step into secret parties, drink fancy cocktails and show off their oversized statement rings for people to see and this is totally fine if that’s what you want. 

Statement ring proportions

Not all cocktail or statement rings have to be gigantic nowadays – huge ones can be bulky and not practical at times. Remember that the larger rings will not automatically match your appearance if you have smaller and more delicate hands. 

For a unified look, you should opt for small or medium statement rings. However, if you possess larger hands, you can make the most of their prominence by sporting chunky, bright, gold rings for girls that help create a statement whilst still presenting their own message. 

Statement for any occasion 

The good thing about a cocktail or statement ring is that you can wear them for nearly any occasion. Though, you might wish to put together a collection with pieces that are ideal for formal wear and others a bit casual. You can go with something that is a bit conservative and minimalist for your office or pieces with some colour to brighten white, black and grey outfits. 

When you attend parties and formal events, you can easily pull out the stops and opt for the most glamorous and stunning statement rings. When it comes to casual wear, you should choose a statement ring that is a bit quirky and unique. Ultimately, the choice is yours. 

Multiple rings

Certainly, you can sport multiple statement rings if you wish to. It is better to match multiple rings with identical colours and metals. You can experiment with various textures and shapes to come up with a unique look. 

Practical considerations

Although statement jewellery is designed to be noticeable and draw attention, you should never pick a piece that is tricky to wear or one that may not match the other accessories that you are wearing, owing to its size. 

Also, if you are just looking to purchase one special piece to sport regularly, you need to ensure that it is not too extreme, or it won’t go with your daily casual wear. It is always better to opt for a happy medium that helps you make a subtle statement with the chosen item so that you can sport it daily. 

It is good to start with a cocktail or statement ring that is small or medium in size and possesses designs that represent you.  If you wish to improve your collection, then you should choose bigger designs down the line as it is the ideal way to go. 

Consider your favourite colours, the items in your wardrobe and whether you wish to go with a modern or vintage style before you choose statement rings.

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