Electric Vehicles are the output of technology in automobiles. These days we could find a gradual shift in preference of people shifting from fuel based vehicles to electric Vehicles for purchase. This proves the feasibility and user experience in terms of money and driving too. However, through surveys and analysis we have brought down some other important information that enables one to invest in Electric Vehicles making a better future for electric car.

In the era of globalized and populous world, its evident that the prices of fuels including petrol and diesel are increasing exponentially to meet the upgrading demand. Furthermore, the fuel consumption happening around the industrial domain couldn’t be neglected as well. Issues of fuel sufficiency came satisfying by the versatile electric vehicles in the market. Adding down to lower emissions, no fuel requirement, less maintenance and friendly traveling with respect to environment is what Electric Vehicles exhibit upon.

Features and benefits of Electric Vehicles:

The gradual shift in demand from fuel based vehicles to electric vehicles is based on some analysis and user surveys. These demonstrate that using electric vehicles, we could contribute to the environment in various ways. Furthermore, the ease of accessing, settings, low noise emergence and other such Add-ons help users to get used to similar to Fuel vehicles yet upgraded user features in Electric Vehicles.

Below mentioned are some facts regarding Electric Vehicles:

  1. No Fuel/ Gas required: The prices of petrol and diesel are till the ceiling now. In countries like India prices for a litre of petrol has reached 100 rs from 60 rupees per litre , while in America a user spends around 15 cents on the gas purchases/ fuel purchases for his/her vehicle. It is definitely an alarming bell for the common man with an average salary. Therefore, with the help of electric engineering and technology Electric cars have emerged which actually consume no fuel and its name suggests.
  2. No Emission of Pollutants: Electric Cars received 100 credentials on its friendly and environmental gradient feature. As the working mechanism completely depends on electric power, the vehicle could heat up however it never leaves any pollutant in the environment.
  3. A consistent noise threshold: Electric cars or bikes are smooth to drive adding on they never make unnecessary gear sound, race sound or any other such noises which are the result of some friction or pressure. One could be like did any vehicle pass by? It’s so smooth and noise free.
  4. No frequent Maintenance required: We are familiar with how combustion engines or fuel tanks require constant lubrication and maintenance. Every two months we are required to send the vehicle for servicing for its wear and tear repairing. However this isn’t the case with Electric Cars. We have electrical engines which completely hold power over electricity. It’s all about wirings, so there won’t be any mess and complications like leaking, grease surface, slipped injections etc. Therefore, we could interpret that Electric Vehicles are subjected to very less maintenance irrespective of the past cost dealt with.
  5. Safer to drive: The testing and practical approach in terms of Electric Vehicles is best to its results. The features like air bag pop ups, disconnection of wires from car battery after a collision, battery saver mode and others proves that the vehicle has undertaken several precautions and after collision scenarios during its testing and normalization process. The gravity of the vehicle in the center helps to leverage the balance and orientation on highways.

These are the prominent benefits of electric vehicles, along with this some other benefits include cost effectiveness of the vehicle ( very low), popularity in the market and in the users, and a different approach and encouragement for technology.

Demand and supply of Electric Vehicles:

We could observe that the range for electric vehicles goes from minimum to maximum costs depending on the additional features the user needs. Lets estimate some of electric vehicles prices.

  • Hyundai Kona Electric car costs around 23 Lakhs. This rates around 4.3 stars out of 5.
  • Costliest of all Jaguar I Pace costs in 1.2 to 1.5 Crores with a rating of 4.7 out of 5.
  • Some of the budget friendly cars also exist like Stroma Motors R3 with a rate of 4.50 lakhs.

Definitely the average initial costs are high for the Electric Vehicle however it is one time payment with no additional supplements like frequent maintenance, replacements etc included. There are a range of electric bikes on the market as well.

  • Revolt Rv400 costs at 1.06 lakhs
  • Scooters like Bajaj Chetak, Arther 45x costs around 1.4 lakhs on an average.
  • The affordable electric scooters lies in the range of Hero electric Optima LA:  44,000/-, Hero Electric Flash: 40k.

When thinking of buying, the market is now full with different branded electric vehicles which was a rare scenario before.

On an average the demand for electric vehicles was around 69,521 units in 2017/2018. However now in 2021 the demand has reached up to 251,053 units in developing countries.

Future of Electric Car:

While considering the surveys and user feedback, the companies could predict a promising future for electric cars in upcoming years. Looking at the increasing demand of electric vehicles these are commonly drawn conclusions with respect to the future of electric cars.

  • The price for electric vehicles especially the cars will definitely fall off till it equalises the cost of fuel based vehicles.
  • Over the world where the requirement in metro cities is upto 20 million will reach around 70-80 million units by the end of year 2025.
  • Electric vehicles will be upgraded with Internet of things technologies and machine learning units will be installed.

We could expect the new era of Automobiles in the upcoming years, probably where we don’t even need drivers. This will definitely reduce the accident rates is what we believe. If you are planning to buy an electric vehicle soon, make sure you read the manual regarding the features and battery performance.

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