Since the growing time, adulteration of food has been an immense issue of concern in the market. Adulteration of food means the composition of elements in food that degrades its purity and leads to increase in weight and size. FNS number is the corrective measure that certifies centers and food outlets to be pure and have 0 adulterants in it. Therefore it initiates the matter of trust among the people and customers to buy best for them and complete the nutrition value. It also takes care of no hunger and obesity issues for low income families, students and citizens of America.

During the further reading, let us address some important factors to get in details about FNS number.

What does FNS stand for? What is FNS?

FNS stands for The Food and Nutrition Services. Basically this is an organization cum committee that is formed with collaboration of multiple nutritional assistance initiatives. These federal programs are meant to get the nation eliminated from hunger and obesity issues. The objective behind the Food and Nutrition Services is to proclaim food security to children, low income families and assert the quality share and exchange of food elements. The security of American people regarding nutritional values is uplifted as a responsibility by this community.

The joint hands of FNS include the following initiatives:

  1. WIC
  2. School Meals
  3. Supplemental nutrition assistance program. (SNAP)
  4. Partnership with state and tribal health committees.
  5. HSS office of disease prevention and health promotion.

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Defining FNS Number!

For now you might be familiar with what is FNS? FNS number is the legit unique code for every merchant. It defines a tract and registered user with EBT FNS and SNAP.

Basically FNS number is a FNS code that is issued by the Agricultural department after verifying the merchant eligibility regarding the supply of pure and nutritional foodstuffs. It depicts a merchant eligible for SNAP Transactions. Also if any merchant wants to issue EBT card this FNS number/FNS code stands a mandatory field.

Usually getting verified from such nutritional control organizations and committees helps the merchants to get trust from the customers delivering a better quality and simultaneously earn gradual profits. On the other hand, FNS committee people monitor the nation’s quality outlets and could help reach their goals by verifying and providing the FNS numbers. It also becomes convenient to mark and track the nutritional supplies.

Some facts regarding FNS Number:

  1. The Department of Agriculture issues FNS numbers.
  2. Mandatory to get an EBT Card.
  3. Need to apply through the FNS Website.
  4. Approval and Denial depend on the committee after verification.
  5. It is a seven digit code.
  6. After approval is printed on the SNAP permit application.
  7. Unique for every new location and merchant.
  8. Non-shareable.
  9. Provides EBT/ SNAP authorization.

What is EBT?

Electronic Benefit Transfer is an allowance for SNAP authorized users. It makes retailers eligible to get pay benefits using SNAP. When any participant of Snap purchases at SNAP authorized store, the specific EBT amount is debited to the subsequent raised claim. The EBT facility is eligible at all states of US including districts of Columbia, Guam, virgin islands etc. It also covers insurance after a specific application process.

Get your FNS Number easy now!

Though it sounds fishy and time taking, looking at word verification, committee and other things, it isn’t that difficult. If you want to get an EBT FNS number make sure you are legit and loyal to what you sell.

To get verified with FNS code for your business you need to go through the procedure below.

  1. Visit the FNS official website and download the eligibility brochure.
  2. While reading you will find the store eligibility criteria’s. Make sure you perceive all of them.
  3. Once the forms are out, fill out the application. Merchants can also call the customer helpline of FNS and assert the same.
  4. Make sure you have required documents to submit.
  5. The documents required are  bank account information (passbook can work, or a statement), personal identification card, social security info, citizenship certificate, account information (merchant info).
  6. Once done with this, wait for the confirmation.
  7. You might receive calls or visits to your store during this interval.
  8. After approval, you will receive the needed seven digit unique code.

That’s it! Well to do with further EBT card enrollment and other things.

Store Eligibility criteria to get your FNS code!

SNAP authorization is currently available for staple foodstuffs in the region of the US. Well these staple food categories include breads, vegetables, fruits, cereals, dairy products like milk, paneer, butter and other stuffs like meat, poultry and fish.

The categorization depends on two elements, either a merchant/retailer needs to be a food inventory owner or involved in staple food sales.

If you are among these mentioned criteria’s and willing for FNS it is easy for you to crack the deal.

Criteria 1:

To get eligible for criteria A, a merchant needs to satisfy 36 staple stockings of food.

Criteria 2 :

Merchant/store/retailer must have sales more than 50 percent of estimated gross retail sales.

These are some eligibility norms however the limits keep moderating and leases for opportunities like access, co-location and others are also available at given time.

It is advised that keep monitoring the requirement as it may vary looking at the market condition and requirements of the customer.


FNS strives to get best outlets for the region they are subjected to in terms of monitoring the nutritional values. FNS number thus issues a validation to the store confirming its values. Furthermore as it sounds critical but its too easy to issue a EBT FNS number until the store is legit and serving the quality deeds. The application process is quite easy though it is a bit time consuming. If you are a merchant and want to explore the market with trust and values and get equipped with food and nutritional services additives getting a FNS code is mandatory.

Get your FNS number by visiting the official site of Food and Nutritional Services.

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