A drunk driving conviction comes with far-reaching consequences. For this reason, any person accused of this crime should consider hiring an experienced attorney to defend them. However, finding the right attorney is crucial to obtaining the best outcome, so a person must know what to look for when hiring this individual. The following guide provides an overview of this process. 

Consequences of a DUI Conviction

The consequences of a DUI conviction can be severe, which is why a person might wish to hire a DUI attorney before going to court. A person convicted of a DUI will probably lose their license for an extended period, although they may be permitted to drive to and from work. Fines and jail time may be assessed, and the individual with a conviction will have a criminal record that follows them for life. 

In many cases, the individual will be required to take part in an alcohol education or treatment program as part of their punishment. The court might also order the installation and use of an ignition interlock device or IID, which comes at a high cost. How might an attorney help in reducing the consequences? 

Why Hire a DUI Attorney?

An experienced attorney will help the accused to avoid conviction or minimize the penalties they face. What might they do to achieve this goal? 

The attorney may recommend a diversion program. If the driver completes this program successfully, the charge will not go on their record. However, this doesn’t always work, and the case may go to court. If this happens, the attorney may try to negotiate a plea agreement. 

In court, the attorney will fight the charges. They may object to certain evidence being presented and argue that the driver’s rights were violated when this evidence was collected. Expert witnesses may be called to dispute the evidence that is presented, as well. 

If the driver is convicted of driving under the influence, the attorney may argue for a hardship or restricted license. When jail time is imposed, the work to reduce the sentence or have it suspended.

These are only a few of the technique’s attorneys use when representing a client charged with DUI, and there are others. The average person doesn’t know what steps law enforcement must take when stopping someone for suspected DUI, but the attorney does. In addition, the attorney is familiar with diversion programs and other methods of reducing the consequences of the driver’s actions. 

Choosing an Attorney

When looking for an attorney, find one licensed in the state where the offense took place. Ensure they remain in good standing with the Bar Association and have extensive experience handling DUI cases. Ask about their success rate in helping drivers and request references from former clients. Any attorney who guarantees an outcome, however, should be avoided. They don’t know what a judge or jury will do, so they should never make statements they cannot back up. 

When facing a DUI conviction, never go to court alone. An experienced attorney is needed at this time. Although this attorney comes with a high price tag, the driver will quickly realize the lawyer is priceless when they see the consequences they may be facing if convicted. 

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