In the early 20th century, one knew the ceiling fans to be every household’s high-tech comfort appliance. People used it for commercial use. Especially in the hotel industry and factories, one could see the predominant use of ceiling fans. But slowly, with time, the introduction of air conditioners became common in most residential spaces. Moreover, the time-tested technology did not go out of fashion. But the question of running both the conditioner and fan together at the same time becomes questionable.

Should you run a fan and air conditioner together?

You may face plenty of hot days where you want to switch on your conditioner and fan simultaneously. But the truth is it is a bit complicated. As per your notion, you may find it comforting, but a ceiling fan that gets turned on singularly can provide the utmost satisfaction. However, switching it on with the air conditioner does not increase your air conditioner’s potency. In other words, a ceiling fan neither helps your room to cool down faster nor provides efficient cooling when it is switched on together with the cooling unit of your house.

It might feel a bit stunning, but the truth is that a ceiling fan helps to add heat to your room.

The difference in the operation of an air conditioner and a ceiling fan

This cooling unit, including a ceiling fan and an air conditioner, helps to cool our bodies. But the ceiling fan controls the biological cooling system. It works efficiently in the human body. The cooling air created by the ceiling fans tends to move the hot air away from the skin of your body. It helps to evaporate your sweat and provides a cooling sensation to your body naturally. Hence, it does not work exactly like how an air conditioner works. In the case of an air conditioner, it does not deal with any bodily mechanism. Rather it provides a cooling sensation to your body so that you can get relief from the sultry heat. Hence, switching on an air conditioner and ceiling fan simultaneously would not be that efficient or helpful in providing comfort.

The efficiency of the cooling units

Both the units are efficient on their own. But when it comes down to using them together, it may not prove to be efficient. If you are opting for an energy-saving method, then you must singularly go for the ceiling fans. They cost you less than the air conditioning unit. 

If you want efficient cooling at your home, then Godrej AC might do the job efficiently. But there are certain tricks to increase the efficiency of the cooling unit. You must first open the interior windows and doors of your home. Once you do it, it will push out the stuffiness and hot air from the room. Then you can turn on your fan to increase the circulation of your room. 

Once the room has a proper temperature, you can switch on your air conditioning unit while closing doors and windows. The ceiling fan of your room does not help to lower down the temperature of your room. Hence, if you switch your fan on in an empty room, it won’t help unless you stay in that room.

If you can go for strategic fan placement, it can help you a lot with the efficiency of your room cooling. However, most of us blindly follow the myth that if you tend to switch on your cooling conditioning unit and ceiling fan simultaneously, it can increase the cooling efficiency of your room. Rather you should check out some energy-saving methods to keep your room cool during the hot summer season. 

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