Current affairs are an essential element of your preparation for competitive exams. Issues of national and international significance are covered in the IAS Prelims curriculum under the heading National and International Issues.

Furthermore, it has been noticed that applicants who complement their descriptive replies with current points do much better than their counterparts. Developing a regular habit of reading up on current events is thus essential for competitive exams hopefuls to be successful. To master the current affairs for the competitive exams, it is highly important to revise everything at least once a week. 

Sources to Study Current Affairs

You can find a number of soulrces to study the current affairs from.To make it easier for you, we have listed some of the best sources to prepare from. . 


Books are a commonly utilised and dependable source for current affairs research and preparation. There are many books accessible everywhere, including online, offline, and shopping portals.

Apps and websites

As everyone today has access to the internet, websites and apps are readily accessible. Various programmes give 10-20 simplified bilingual current affairs for rapid reading. It contributes to the advancement of knowledge. In addition, keep an eye on the news channel daily since pictures make it easier to recall events.

BYJU’S Exam Prep is one of the best sources to study current affairs from. It provides you with daily, weekly, monthly as well as years pdfs of all the current affairs questions. You can also take daily quizzes on their app to keep yourself updated daily. 


Current affairs are best prepared with books, which are generally available and dependable. Bookstores, libraries, and internet buying platforms provide a large selection of titles.


Quizzes may also help recall recent events that have occurred. Another critical component of learning is the time quiz segment that tests students. This is because hundreds of new things occur every day.

Examine the newspaper and note the news headlines that are important to the competitive exam curriculum. Of course, you must first thoroughly comprehend the curriculum to do this successfully. As a result, have a list of micro-topics for competitive exams on your study table at all times.

Limit the number of resources available

There is a flood of reading materials available, particularly in current events. In addition, our resources include a plethora of newspapers and websites and monthly and annual periodicals. As a result, applicants may be confused about which sources to consult. It is essential to discover the most valuable materials for competitive exams.

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Understand what you shouldn’t read

When studying for current affairs for the competitive exam, it is critical to determine what you do and do not need to study. Not everything that appears in the newspaper is relevant to competitive exam current events. You might go to our prior year’s current events questions to better understand what you should be studying.

Make use of web tools to jot down ideas

Taking down handwritten notes from critical editorials is recommended for answer-writing purposes; however, it is not recommended to do so for all current events since it is incredibly time-consuming. 

Instead, online applications such as Evernote, Google Docs, and other similar services may be used to create notes, if necessary. You have to copy the text from the website and paste it into your Word document to complete the task. To make it easier to find specific pieces of material when you need them, categorize them according to the topic they pertain to.

Continue to keep up with current events

When it comes to current issues, it is critical to revise often. While the static element of the curriculum is restricted, the amount of current events on the syllabus is increasing by the day. It will, thus, be quite difficult for you at the end of the year to look up current happenings from the previous year if you haven’t been engaged in regular reviews throughout.

You must locate the most important current affairs stories, take notes, and study every day; but you must only review everything together on weekends. It is frequently noticed that, since current events have become a burden, individuals devote all of their time to covering current affairs solely, rather than making concessions on time devoted to other topics.

BYJU’S Exam Prep will be your partner on the road to competitive exams. With BYJU’S Exam Prep, you will be able to take advantage of a vast number of sample exams and assignments, as well as get a comprehensive grasp of the examination curriculum

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