As a content writer, you continuously go through multiple sites and blogs to find out what ticks and what doesn’t. writing for professional websites is different from working on a blog. The writing style, tone, and even the context is different in both cases. Here we will take you through some of the writing tips offered by content writing agency India. These tips will help beginners flourish while, it can make the pros write better.

  1. Good writing begins with understanding the user. For this purpose, you should always work on keyword research before you actually talk about the topic. Here’s why.
    • When you conduct keyword research, you understand the users better. You know what kind of searches the user is making, and what they need to know.
    • It also brings to light the user intent behind the keyword. For example, are they looking for dog walkers or do they want to know how to find a dog walker. If they have found one, would they be interested in knowing the right interview questions? These are all the things you understand by diving deeper into user intent.
    • When you write for the users, the charm is impeccable, and the results are outstanding
  2. We all have one habit- keyword stuffing. The marketer or the SEO specialist claimed that they need a 1% density, and we began stuffing the keywords everywhere. However, that is not the right way to work with a content piece. You should ideally look for ways in which you can naturally fit the keyword. If the phrase makes sense in the sentence, use it. else find a way to make it look more meaningful and natural. This way you are likely to get more readers for the article
  3. Just like you understood the intent of the user, you should know what the business wants to accomplish from the content. They want more people to take action. For example, if you have written a landing page for the ebook, you want people to download the book. Similarly, if you have written a content for a service you provide, it is important to write the piece in a way that people are compelled to contact you. The call-to-action should be synonymous with what you want the user to do. Make sure the CTA is compelling enough to make the user convert.
  4. The language of the Internet is ever-evolving. You would notice that people use multiple jargons, different spellings and ways to say the same thing. Some people write Internet with a capital I whereas for a few others the “I” doesn’t make much of a difference. It is important to determine which category of users are you writing the content for. It will help you create the content accordingly
  5. When you are writing content, there is a good chance that you add content or stats from other websites. At this point, you should link the source in the content. You can specify the website name and add the link to the name. You can also link the entire line, a key phrase or some other word to the original source. The outbound links will help you boost visibility and improve your SEO efforts. It is also an ethical way to write content for the web. According to quotes on content writing, maintaining ethics is as important as ensuring proper grammar.
  6. It is not important to showcase your writing skills or say the thing as it is; you are on the web to make the users feel the emotions behind the writeup. For example, if the person feels connected with your premise, they may become your customer. Similarly, if the person felt happy reading it, they will visit your website regularly, and become a happy customer. The idea is to build emotions in the reader while they are skimming through your content. The story should connect with the reader, and make the reader feel the right emotion
  7. While the story should contain the right emotions, the writing should be powerpacked. The use of words when writing the content, and all the right phrases will determine how readers view it.
    • The content should make the reader crave for more. While passive voice conveys a lot of what you want to say, active voice makes it better.
    • It is a fact that you should write using active voice. However, if you are making use of passive voice, do it as neatly as possible.
    • Make use of short and simple sentences. People prefer skimming through the content instead of reading the whole thing
  8. Keep updating the content on the go. Every year the stats will change and the businesses might change the links too. You should include the new internal links and update the content. This way the reader will go to the right URL and this will minimize the friction.

Find the right content marketing agency india for your content writing needs. they will help enhance the writing abilities and ensure better conversions.

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